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  • MobilePhone v1.0.0.2 (alpha)

    I'm building a phone control in VB.NET to meet my custom needs in phone control as a RRExtension (no standalone app) based on the ATSMS library. I though I would share this, but I can't promise any support on this (I'm only able to test it with my Sony Ericsson Z520i, which has limited support on phonebook management)

    What it does:
    Using a virual com port, connects to your bluetooth phone over serial communication.

    Updated for version

    ini file settings
    AutoConnect=True (connect when skin is loaded)

    Update=10000 (update battery and signal every 10s)
    BatteryWarningLevel=10 (not yet used)
    ImagePath=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\BMV2\

    SyncDelay=1000 (when a phonecall is terminated the RC,MC and DC txt files are updated, this specifies the delay in seconds between the hangup and the sync call)
    Path= (path to where the phonebook files should be stored)
    PhotoPath=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\BMV2\mobilephone\

    Adds the following to a skin
    Skin commands:
    mobilephone_connect (switch between connect and disconnect)
    mobilephone_0 (0 button pressed)
    mobilephone_1 (1 button pressed)

    mobilephone_dial (begin a call with the number in dialbox)
    mobilephone_pickup (begin a call or answer incomming call)
    mobilephone_hangup (terminate current call)
    mobilephone_smssend (send a new sms message, not yet implemented)
    mobilephone_smsread (read the incomming sms, not yet implemented)

    mobilephone_pb_first_entry (goto first entry)
    mobilephone_pb_previous_page (goto previos page, not yet implemented)
    mobilephone_pb_previous_entry (goto previous entry)
    mobilephone_pb_next_entry (goto next entry)
    mobilephone_pb_next_page (goto next page, not yet implemented)
    mobilephone_pb_last_entry (goto last entry)
    mobilephone_add_entry (not yet implemented, add entry to current phonebook .txt file, maybe also sync with phone)
    mobilephone_delete_entry (not yet implemented, delete entry from current phonebook .txt file, maybe also sync with phone)
    mobilephone_edit_entry (add typed in phonenumber to PC phonebook not yet implemented)
    mobilephone_sync (loads the ME,SM,RC,DC,MC phonebooks from phone into their respective MobilePhone_xx.txt file)
    mobilephone_pc (loads the MobilePhone_PC.txt file into the custom list)
    mobilephone_me (loads the MobilePhone_ME.txt file into the custom list)
    mobilephone_sm (loads the MobilePhone_SM.txt file into the custom list)
    mobilephone_rc (loads the MobilePhone_RC.txt file into the custom list)
    mobilephone_dc (loads the MobilePhone_DC.txt file into the custom list)
    mobilephone_mc (loads the MobilePhone_MC.txt file into the custom list)

    Skin Indicators:
    mobilephone_connected (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_batterycharging (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_incommingcall (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_messagereceived (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_synchronizing (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_communicating (TRUE/FALSE)

    special indicators
    "FILE;$mobilephone_photopath$" (shows the photo of the caller)
    "FILE;$mobilephone_batterystrength$" (shows the battery bar)
    "FILE;$mobilephone_signalstrength$" (shows the signal bar)

    Skin Labels:
    mobilephone_dialbox (input field)
    mobilephone_batterycharging (TRUE/FALSE)
    mobilephone_communicating (TRUE/FALSE when communication with phone is in progress)
    mobilephone_batterystrength (0-100%)
    mobilephone_signalstrength (0-100%)
    mobilephone_connected (TRUE/FALSE if phone is connected)
    mobilephone_network (Network operator name)

    Unpack rar in rr root. There should be a MobilePhone.dll, MobilePhone.tlb and MobilePhone.ini file

    Copy skin example in your skin folder, you can load it from an other screen by using the LOAD command.

    The dll should be registered using regasm /tlb for RR to recognized it.

    The ATSMS.dll should be in same directory as MobilePhone.dll (no need to register this one i think)

    Source project:
    This project uses the opensource ATSMS library. The sources of ATSMS can also be downloaded from sourceforge. In the project the ATSMS library is located in the lib folder. When you build the project make sure the output directory is set to your RR root folder, that way it will register the dll automatically.

    On my TODO list for the comming days are:
    - editable phonebook management
    - sms support (which is already supported in ATSMS library, I just need to hook it up with some command buttons.)

    [B]Long term[/]
    - Support other phones... ATSMS library works with standard AT commands, so I think most of the phones would work. so if someone wants to test it and it works, we could make a supported phones list.

    Supported Phones
    - Sony Ericsson Z520i

    Not Supported Phones
    According to ATSMS library these phones are not supported
    Nokia N70
    Nokia 6600

    Attached Files
    Morex 3688 (Via MII10000 - 512Mb - 2,5HD 30Gb DVD+RW)
    CarTFT Motorized 7" In-dash Touchscreen
    CNX 1260
    Current Status: Skinning !

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    Any chance you would release the source code? I'd love to try and hack at it.


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      Should your plugin work with CDMA phones, or GSM only?

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        No idea what a CDMA phone is, but it works for my GSM. It uses standard AT commands over a COM port to talk to the phone device. If your CDMA phone accepts that, it might work.

        I've put the source up for grabs.

        Question from me: How would i be able to change an image in a skin from code. I would like to put an image control on the skin that displays a photo of the caller. The photos would be in a folder marked as <phonenumber>.jpg
        When a selection is made in the phonenumber list i want to change the image. What would be the best way to do that in the RRExtension code?
        [EDIT] found the solution in this thread
        Morex 3688 (Via MII10000 - 512Mb - 2,5HD 30Gb DVD+RW)
        CarTFT Motorized 7" In-dash Touchscreen
        CNX 1260
        Current Status: Skinning !


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          Iam instal:
          System: WinXP
          Phone: nokia n73
          Soft: bluesoleil 6.0.227

          plugins unzip

          create register.bat:
          RegSvr32 /s ATSMS.dll
          RegSvr32 /s MobilePhone.dll

          Main Menu skins create button: command: "LOAD;"

          Load - good!

          But not that does not work!!!
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            Just updated the dll. Something went wrong when synchronizing phonebooks

            I also think you need to register it with "regasm /tlb MobilePhone.dll" not regsvr32.

            I also read in the ATSMS library documentation that it does not support these phones:
            Nokia N70, Nokia 6600
            Morex 3688 (Via MII10000 - 512Mb - 2,5HD 30Gb DVD+RW)
            CarTFT Motorized 7" In-dash Touchscreen
            CNX 1260
            Current Status: Skinning !


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              nokia n73 Will not work?
              RUSSIA - WINER!!!


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                ok, can i have an idiots guide on how to register the DLL as I tried both the afore mentioned commands in the command window to no avail.


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                  Any progress to report Lucifer?


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                    this showuld work on both GSM and CDMA phones as it based on AT commands... some manufactures may not use AT command anymore, but some still do

                    to find out just connect BT ans open hyper terminal or comm port debugger and type: ATD 0000000 if your phone lights up then phoone has original AT library and will work fine on at least 80% of at commands

                    PS: ATD means "dial analog number" it will tell the cell phone to dial # but it shoud get error as cell phones use digital connection
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                      I have a blackberry and i input AT+CLAC to bring up all commands supported by the phone. Is there a way to decode what the different commands do? I type them in on hyperterminal but the phone does nothing.
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                        if you post the list of command here i'm pretty sure we would able to tell you what they mean
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                          - -Programming is not one of my strong points, with that said will this work with a Treo 755p? Would love to us this.- -
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                            Any idea if this or any other phone plugin can work with the LG Viewty. I had freefone working with my old phone and can't get it working with the viewty.

                            Is there an easy way to test or find out if the viewty can use this plugin?
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                              so many similar questions and answers on them is only possible if you try it out.
                              If original developer of plugin doesnt mind, I can steal the development and make it so ppl can actually share theit test status ;-)
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