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  • .net Bluetooth Mobilephone Plugin

    ***** To make sure the dll is registered properly use carwings skin in the riderunner release. Go to plugin manager and you should see mobilephone with all info and whether its enabled. (see post 3 for screen shot) *********
    If not try the approach in post 77 of this thread.

    ***** IF RUNNING IN PROFILE MODE you need to copy the ini file from the plugin directory to the profile mode directroy to get the plugin working. I will fix this as soon as I work out how *******

    ********** I have moved the installer to the APPMART*************************

    version 1.17
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Fixed ONMOBILEPHONEDISCONNECTED event so its only fired once.
    Added ONMOBILEPHONEINCALL event when a call is started or incomming.
    Added ONMOBILEPHONENETAVAIL and ONMOBILEPHONENETUNAVAIL which are fired when network connections become
    available or unavailable.

    Added new access control based on phone.
    How it works:
    As RR is started the plugin looks for a suitable mobilephone to connect to. If it finds one everything
    carries on as normal.
    There is a timer that is started that specifies the time out to look for a mobilephone. If this is
    exceeded the plugin launches the It then allows the mobilephone_0 - 9 to
    be used to enter an alarm code.
    If the correct code is entered then the skin is exited back to normal RR.
    If the code is wrong, you get three attempts, or 1 minute has passed then a registry key is updated to
    allow my gpstracker program to register the access violation. The skin is not exited so in effect is

    Phone will now be disconnected when RR is shut down.

    version 1.16
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Fixed installer and handles blanc syncdelay
    Added lots of debug.
    Change wavein/out so doesn't try to set if left blank.

    version 1.15
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Implemented PAN . Allows you to conect to your phone using it as a local network. Was used to connect to the internet.
    Implemented DUN. Allows you to connect to the internet using your phone as a modem. You cannot make calls when
    using DUN.
    Added new commands for above. See readme.

    Added ability to set wavein and waveout device from settings in ini file.

    Added new events ONMOBILEPHONECONNECTED,ONMOBILEPHONEDISCONNECTED,O NMOBILEPHONERING. Use them in th Exectbl.ini file to do things.

    Added Radio mute when incomming call detected. Unmutes after call.

    version 1.14
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Added new return slider controls. Called mobilephone_batslide and mobilephone_sigslide. They use the values you
    set for BatteryImageCount and SignalImageCount in the ini file to work out the slider points so they must be set
    properly to get the correct output. Only you can do this as all phones are different and most phones dont support
    this feature so don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

    Changed mobilephone_incommingcall to only be true when the phone is ringing and not when you're in a call. This
    fixes the mobilecall popping up error.

    version 1.13
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    DTMF is now enabled. Any key press made while in a call will automatically be treatd as a DTMF code. Only 0-9 and * and #
    are valid.
    Added new command mobilephone_transaudio which transfers audio to phone or headphones.
    Fixed so that only called when phone ringing and not just in a call or when making a call.
    Added ongoing calls to the incall indicator. Fixes unmute of music before call finished.

    version 1.12
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Fixed the pausing issue when making outgoing call
    added new button commands to mute/unmute the phones mic and speaker.
    mobile_disconnect now disables autoconnect. mobile_connect re-enables autoconnect if it was set to true in ini file.
    this allows you to disconnect the phone to uses a headset and reconnect when finished talking.
    BSWrapper now allows debug to be switched off via its new ini file.
    Changed plugin so the onclselclick and onclclick and custom list commands only work if the skin file name
    starts with mobilephone. This is to stop interaction problems with other plugins.
    New installer to make life easier I hope.
    Changed versioning so its now 1.12 with build so I can track versions better.
    I've also removed the vc++ runtime installer as it was making the file too big.The readme has a link to were it can be downloaded if need be.

    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Fixed incall indicator so works for both incomming and outgoing calls.
    Changed default caller name to phone number rather than Unknown.
    Network operator is now translated to meaningful text.

    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Dialed calls and recieved calls phonebook now shows caller name if number in mobilephone_pc.txt
    new label mobilephone_callername shows name if number in mobilephone_pc.txt.

    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Fixed phonebook storing of recieved and dialed calls.
    fixed mobilephone_photopath indicator when call comes in.

    ************************************************** **************************************************
    New logging system
    added mobilephone_+ command variable.
    removed restriction to only take commands from
    Dialled calls and recieved calls are now log when made / accepted throuh the plugin. No calls made / recieved outside of the plugin are stored!

    Version released.
    Fixed bug in installer. you must now add X,mobilephone yourself to the file if still using road runner.
    Works with plugin manager now.
    Now uses MENU instead of LOAD when calling

    Version released.

    Implemented auto answer feature. The call will be answered after a defined number of seconds ringing. Setting to 0 or not having switches off.
    Added mobilephone_cancelaa. This allows the auto answer to be cancelled for the current call.

    Redial last number. mobilephone_pickup will now pickup call if ringing, dial call if mobilephone_dialbox has a number or redial the last number if mobilephone_dialbox is empty.

    Auto connect. Will reconnect to the phone if the connection is lost for some reason.

    Added mobilephone_disconnect. Use it in the exectbl.ini file with "quit" to shutdown mobilephone on RR quit. eg. "QUIT","mobilephone_disconnect||bye".
    NOTE: skin must use QUIT rather than EXIT for this to work.

    Multiple phone addresses. You can now enter multiple phone addresses seperated by a ;. Mobilephone will connect in the list order. Only one phone will be connected to.

    Pausing winamp or video. When the phone is ringing or you make a call the PAUSE command is sent if STATUS=PLAY. Then when hangup is presse the PLAY command is sent.

    When ringing occures the dll now tells RR to load the regardless of current skin screen.

    This version uses my stand alone wrapper dll so is a pretty major rewrite so I've left the original version here as well just in case.

    I've also added to the skin files so now I've improved the original one plus made the BMV2 phoco one work with this plugin. Its in the skin folder but would have to be renamed to use it. There is less functionality in this screen than lucifers.


    Its a bluetooth mobilephone plugin using .net and the BlueSoleil software for bluetooth.

    I've made use of Lucifers ATSM mobilephone plugin and must give him full credit for inspiring me into doing this and providing the base framework. Because of this the plugin has both ATSM and Bluetooth functionality. Having said that I know nothing about how ATSM works so cannot provide help on that part and I hope I haven't broken it when adding the new fuctionality.

    So to the usual question of does this support my phone? Well check the BlueSoleil website. It has a full list of supported phones. If its not there then it doesn't but the list is pretty extensive.

    So onto the important stuff.
    In the attached rar file you will find a read me telling you everything you need to know.

    Installation instructions
    ************************************************** ********************************************
    1) You must have BlueSoleil version or greater is required for this plugin to work. You can use the trial version to test.
    2) This is a .net application so the .net framework must be installed. I've tested it with .net 2.0.
    3) You must have the vc runtime installed. You'll find it in the installer rar.


    Run swift_gti's installer (Big thanks to him for initial testing and creating the installer). Everything should be installed automatically. If not refer to the troubleshooting guide in the rar.

    Next you need to pair the phone before using this dll. Do this in bluesoleil itself. Once paired it will remain paired forever unless you unpair.

    Next, you need the bluetooth address for the phone. Hover over your phone in bluesoleil and you'll see it.
    This needs to be added to your mobilephone.ini file for the dll to allow you to connect only that phone. This is for security reasons.

    Trial skin
    ************************************************** ********************************************
    There is a trial skin also for BMV courtesy of Lucifer.To install this:
    add skin folder from the attached zip to your skin directory
    add x,mobilephone to your
    change the button 09 in the to B09,10,416,150,110,"LOAD;MOBILEPHONE.SKIN;","" *** this only applies to the BMV2 skin

    PLEASE NOTE. the smssend button is the dial button.

    For trouble shooting there is a debug log created in a log directory. Try looking in there if you experience problems or post the log here for help.

    What you should see.

    Well nothing really. In the skin you will see a set of three circles above a button called conn. If the left most one is green you are connected and can make a call. If not try clicking the conn button when the circle should go green.

    thats it. You should be good to go now. Have fun and goodluck.
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    Screen shot of skin working

    This is a screenshot of what it looks like when working. Notice the green circle above the conn button. This indicates that RR has connected with your phone successfully.
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      Ride Runners Car wings plugin manager screen shot
      Attached Files


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        time to fire up the test unit!!!!
        TruckPC - gutted, being used for test setup
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          Updated installer sent, I'd hold off until then or do the install manually so you know where everything lives as the new one moves some stuff around.


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            pretty cool
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              new installer added. Cheers Swift_gti


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                can't wait to try this!

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                Sig, smig...

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                  just found a bug. You MUST have the mobilephone.ini in the roadrunner directory otherwise nothing happens. Working on fixing it now


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                    Bug fixed and new installer added in post one.

                    The mobilephone.ini is now looked for in .\plugins\mobilephone as it should be.


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                      Awesome work lambosprit, will have to try this once i get my act together.


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                        This sounds great!
                        Is there a way to run this standalone?
                        Tried to run the setup but it requires a valid RR directory.
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                          It needs RR to run because all the control inputs are through RR. It might be possible to make it standalone but what would the inputs be?


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                            Well, FreePhone had an early version that worked stand alone. That is, it looked as being inside rr with skin and all, but run without having RR acctually installed.

                            I don't know how much work it is, but since I am not running RR...
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                              I havent been able to get this to work.

                              THis is the copy of the debug when loading from

                              2/22/2009 2:36:45 PM: Plugin Manager: Error loading ( mobilephone(ActiveX component can't create object, check spelling of plugin, or its is COM registration missing.)

                              THis is the copy of the debug when loading from plugin manager

                              2/22/2009 2:36:44 PM: Plugin Manager: Plugin Found: MobilePhone(.NET) plugin found but will be unable to create (most likely NOT registered)[skipped].

                              Here is a copy of the registration from command prompt

                              C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Plugins\MobilePhone>regasm.exe MobilePhone.dll /tlb:
                              Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility 2.0.50727.42
                              Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2004. All rights reserved.

                              Types registered successfully
                              Assembly exported to 'C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Plugins\MobilePhone\MobilePhon
                              e.tlb', and the type library was registered successfully

                              C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Plugins\MobilePhone>pause
                              Press any key to continue . . .

                              SO it is registered successfully, but still cant get RR to load it.
                              Any thoughts..
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