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  • Car2PC (Grom) Plugin VCP

    Car2PC VCP Adapter Ride Runner Plugin

    This plugin for Ride Runner is meant to interface the Car2PC VCP (Virtual Com Port) Adapter into Ride Runner to both receive commands from the Car's Head-Unit as well as send information to the Head-Unit (Track: Name, Time and Number).


    Simply Copy Car2PCRR.DLL into your Plugins folder and register it with:
    regsvr32 car2pcrr.dll


    You must specify the COM port number the plugin should use to communicate with the Car2PC adapter by adding this line to RR.INI (where X is 1, 2, 3, etc):


    You may also add this setting to have the plugin display an information window for testing purposes (showing the port number, track name, time and number):


    NOTE: Be SURE that RR is NOT SET with usecar2pc=true -- either delete the line or set it to false as this setting is meant to work with the older car2pc plugin (not the VCP version).


    If you are an advanced user, you may want to try using the Car2PC adapter in debug mode, this MAY or MAY NOT provide you with extra information and other controls that the standard mode may perhaps not provide you. This feature is provided for you to use at YOUR OWN RISK. Also note that some cars may send a reasonable amount of information while in debug mode, which means you should DISABLE RR's debug log for using the software normally (or you'll end up with very large debug log files on your hard drive).

    The commands provided in debug mode will likely vary based on the brand/make of your car, so you should enable test mode (car2pctest=true) and view each of the commands available on your car by pressing the buttons and taking note of what each command executes.

    Skin Commands

    This plugin adds no skin commands, labels or indicators of any kind.
    Upon receving any command from the Head-Unit, the plugin will execute commands in the following format:


    The commands you wish to use should be mapped on ExecTbl.ini with the commands to be performed when they arrive.

    Here are some Example commands/ExecTBL.INI entries:


    You should be able to VIEW which commands are available for your Head-Unit by creating a debug log file in RR and pressing the buttons on the Head-Unit, they will show up in the log file and also on the information/test window if enabled.

    Any problems with this plugin, feel free to post your questions, comments, suggestions or issues,

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    How does this differ from the car2pc.exe? Just integrating it into the code instead of a secondary app?
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      I would think this is part of the ongoing effort to move certain features from the RR core to plugins to clean up and speed up RR. I'd bet that built-in voice control is on the chopping block soon.
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        This is the 3rd Gen Car2Pc code for RR. The first 2 versions were USB HID drivers using their libraries. This one is using their VCP drivers. All 3 versions are pretty much outside modules (which are only loaded when turned on -- like any standard plugin). This is mainly for support really -- depending on your device version you may need the different variations of the code (matching the device you have). If you already have a car2pc adapter installed/working, you probably don't need to mess with it. This version has debug mode support (available on new devices) which allows you to see more data/commands from the adapter and handle them (if desired).
        Ride Runner RR's Myspace

        "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
        "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."