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  • RRGmail (Nofitier and Emailer)

    This is new RideRunner plugin written with VB.NET 2010 . It need the Framework 3.5 .
    It's fully Unicode .

    Main screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gmail1.jpg
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    Settings screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gmail2.jpg
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    Mailer screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gmail3.jpg
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    Contacts list screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gmail4.jpg
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    New logo added on received mail if a rr.jpg file exist:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	send.jpg
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ID:	2310965

    You can just read the beginning of the mail but i hope change that !
    You can change the notifier's delay!
    You can listen to your mail by voice !
    You can to translate the beginning of your mail in the language you want (need the plugin RRTranslator) !
    !!! The language for the result must be defined into the RRTranslator screen !!!
    You can to send an e-mail with an attached file and look for the mail's destinator into a list imported from your Gmail account !

    For the first time, go to the plugins manager and go to the RRGmail settings.
    Enter your gmail's username and password . (press and hold the ### button for have a settings reset)
    If you just press the button ###, you can to see your settings 3 seconds !
    The settings are encrypted !

    V1.1.0 19/02/2014
    New speech recognition for create your body mail

    V1.0.9 13/02/2014
    Cleaning code , settings updated

    V1.0.8 12/02/2014
    BYVARX issue solved (thanks to harryberlin for his help)
    Added RR logo into received mail
    Added send to multiple address
    Added send multiple attached files

    V1.0.7 10/02/2014
    Now the translate option run very well

    V1.0.4 26/01/2014
    Solved several issue with the sample screen
    Solved popup new mail issue
    Solved the Next , Prev and message's number issues
    Added a sort for the contacts list
    Added a RR event for the new mail
    Thanks to mikeeps2 for his help :-)

    V1.0.3 20/01/2014
    You can now send an email by direct RR command:

    V1.0.1 3/07/2012
    Added the mailer feature with the possibility to attach a file !
    The contacts list is automatically imported from your Gmail account !!! (not sorted for now !!!)
    Added an installer (thanks to mitchjs)

    V1.0.0 29/06/2012
    First release with only the number of unread mails.
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    Very nice. Would be nice if we had a built in solution to manually scroll (up and down) a label for the email message received right? That's the one challenge RRMail never took care of back in the day. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
      Very nice. Would be nice if we had a built in solution to manually scroll (up and down) a label for the email message received right? That's the one challenge RRMail never took care of back in the day.
      This is not possible actually to read all the message but when it will be possible , i shall add this option !
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        New version with a mailer and your Gamil contacts list into RR !
        First post is updated !


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          First post is updated ! Please reload if you use this plugin


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            hi , i install this plugin but the contact skin dont find , where is it ? thanks mikee


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              Originally posted by mikeeps2 View Post
              hi , i install this plugin but the contact skin dont find , where is it ? thanks mikee
              You can download again on the first post , sorry !
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                Hey pierrotm777,

                Liking the look of this plugin however I can't get it working.

                Installed via the installer however the plug in doesn't appear under the plug in manager.

                Is there any issues with this and windows 7. I did try to register the DLLs manually however I got an error message.


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                  Thanks for the reply again enforcer,

                  UAC is already off on the car PC and I believe I have full admin rights. (No issues installing any other plugins etc. )

                  I'll see if I have time later and fire up the carpc to get a note of the error message.


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                    I have seen that i have some issues with my plugin's installer and the profile mode !
                    Can you see if your plugin is well into the folder C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Plugins\RRGmail and not C:\Users\username\Documents\RideRunner ?

                    I think that my issue is into the install that don't accept well the profile mode:

                    This is a part of the installer:
                    ; NOTE: Don't use "Flags: ignoreversion" on any shared system files
                    Source: RRGmail.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Google.GData.Client.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Google.GData.Contacts.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Google.GData.Extensions.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Newtonsoft.Json.dll; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: RRGmail.ini; Destdir: {code:DataPath}\Plugins\{#RRExtPluginName}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Languages.txt; Destdir: {code:DataPath}\Plugins\{#RRExtPluginName}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: Profiles.txt; Destdir: {code:DataPath}\Plugins\{#RRExtPluginName}; Flags: ignoreversion
                    Source: RRGmail Skin Commands.txt; DestDir: {app}; Flags: ignoreversion isreadme
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                      I have updated the installer ! Please uninstall the plugin before and reinstall with the new installer (see the first post)


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                        Unfortunately the new installer still didnt make the plugin appear in the plugin manger.

                        It has however installed all the files into my RR folder in My Docs instead of the program files (which i understand was the point of the installer)

                        I got the error message from trying to manually register the dlls:

                        The module "C:\Users\Cav\Documents\RideRunner...\RRGmail. dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.

                        Make sure that "C:\Users\Cav\Documents\RideRunner...\RRGmail. dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again.

                        Many thanks for the effort though - Thanks to guys like you that make this such an awesome program


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                          hi my friend pierro , i install a new copy of windows xp origninal , and i install you plugin gmail and dont show the plugin into the manager plugin , but into control panel/add or remove programs i can see install you plugin , what do you think is the error ? thanks mikee


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                            pierro my friend , i find the error in your plugin gmail , i find the before version RR Plugin Gmail Notifier Emailer V1.0.1 Setup and install that version and now i can see the plugin into plugin manager , so some error have the last version