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  • Yet another Noob asking for opinions

    Hi, I'm a Noob. Been lurking for months trying to decide if I want a car PC or not. I decided I would give it a go using an extra laptop that I've used with a cigarette lighter power cord on previous occasions (has iGuidance, OBII, etc on it already).

    I figured that while accumulating parts (screen, navpod housing for screen, etc), I would try to teach myself Photoshop, Flash, etc. To that end I've collected icons, read tutorials etc. Note: my apologies for not giving credit where due where I have ripped someone's images (some I ripped, some I made myself).

    Since I can't yet try anything out (planning on a 7" Xenarc TSV), I'm hoping I could get feedback on my first design. Please be critical (TIA) since I'm not a graphics kinda person. I'm about a week into this project, and would hate to put more hours into Photoshop just to find out I did something really dumb (example: the song title text color on the main screen).

    Below are images of Audio Player screen (volume-up button on), Menu Screen (power button on), and a flash calculator. BTW, the logo in the center of the main screen reflects that I drive a Toyota MR2 Spyder (and also serves as a button to call up a second menu screen).
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    Only things I see are that the audio track name which is a dark blue is over that dark background on the logo screen. That is going to be kinda difficult to see.

    Also the size of the font on the music page seems small. On a 7" screen it looks like it might be 1/8" or smaller.

    And the last thing is, when are you going to be calculating the inverse tangent of things while driving?!

    Pretty all frontends allow other programs to be "skinned" as well, so you could just skin the built in calculator of xp.

    Other than that looks like a good brushed metal skin.
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      What? Most people don't do inverse trig functions while on the road??? And here I was wondering if I needed to put in some calculus functions as well.

      J/K of course. I do appreciate the insight.

      I'm not sure I'll use anything I did myself since it's obvious how much blood sweat & tears has gone into many of the skins already out there.

      I thought it important that I know how the systems work, so I did up a whole set of basic skins to get a feel for how they interact, etc. For example, when I tried using WinDVD (admittedly an old one v.4) ,on exit it caused my cursor to disappear (although the front end was still responding to the "ON" & "DOWN" conditions). And when I tried using the Windows calculator in the launch venue the text showed up really tiny...There are other things that I'm thinking about, but until I can actually see in-car, I'll just keep plugging away in various trials and learning experiences.

      Again thanks.