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    I've been looking around quite a bit, and I'm having trouble finding a common ground amongst skins & iG. I've been using RR since 2005 and have loved it since I've started thanks to all of the generous folks like Guino & his faithful band of skinners!

    Hence my dilemma. I've been looking for an application (whatever it may be) to control IG either 2 or 3 (I'm planning on using 3). I'm re-inventing my system and I've been away from the forums for quite a spell and don't really know where to start. I had been using iGMod, but the time has come to replace it and move forward. I simply don't know what front end to use for IG now. I've been browsing the forum for most of the afternoon and I've found several different ways to go, depending on the skin I'm using. I'm planning to use CdRs FU skin when it comes out, but for now... (I missed Freedom and I'm not going to ask for it) I'm using LSX 2.0 (thanks LS), but plan to play with several (just cause I wanna). So... what is the best iG frontend to use with RR & the current release of skins???

    Sorry if I've missed something, but I'm lying in bed sick right now... so the laptop & the forum has been my entertainment today... thus I've had a chance to SEARCH!

    Please point me.

    Thanks everyone!

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    i'd like to know also!


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      Trouble is, IG3 is even less externally controllable friendly than IG2.x.x

      With IG we could at least use Sendkeys to send keystrokes to it, but apparently we can't even do that now, so we are dependant on the hackers coming up with something.

      When I've got my new development machine up and running I will be having a play with IG3.


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        I would say for skins check out DigitalFx. for iG I would say use 3. it works nice.
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          I'd say DigitalFX or Proximo's CFX. I use CFX and it works great, but did require a few tweeks to control iG3 smoothly.
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