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    Gotta say....

    I've been really considering moving to a purpose built (Pioneer/Clarion etc) Double Din system for simplicity & startup times not to mention stability. I have to say though.... I haven't seen anything in the factory built (though BMW OEM is pretty nice) systems that compares with the quality of the work produced here (yes you too Guino). I'm looking forward to the upcoming FU by CdR and am currently using LS's LSX 2 and love it. There are too many skinners to mention, but all of the work is very excellent.

    Much as I feel it would be a shame to lose any one of you, I really hope the commercial manufacturers take notice of the excellent work here and hire you away. You really produce top quality work and are to be commended for your selfless efforts.

    Thank you for your hard work!

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    Thanks for the nod. I know it sounds corny but post like this are the biggest reason i even bother.
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      I would love a job doing what I do.. I'm yours for 40k a year + car ... and I'm with LS on this.. thanks for the post buddy !
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        Id also like to give you guys props, im also thinking about moving to a purpose built double din unit myself for the same problems BMV mentioned BUT the GUI on these big companies is no where like we have it here, esp in this has been keeping me holding on to my carPC, but my car goes back in a couple of months and im not sure what im gonna do

        you guys really blow my mind when i see all the hard work that goes into these skins and thanks for it...

        Hopefully if the double din project goes good, maybe i might stay in this hobby but at the same time, its still a long process of setting things up, configure and who knows..

        Maybe one day RR will be embedded into the OS and work right outa the "box" with alot less configuring and a nice setup wizard w\all the plugins\skins added in and you check off what u want

        CDR and LS you guys have some sick *** skills, keep it up
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