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Nextgen Skin (w.i.p.)

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  • Nextgen Skin (w.i.p.)

    Update: 04/22/07

    Hey guys, I'm still a newbie to the skin world.
    I showed you guys one of my skins a while ago but I couldnt release it since it was for somebody else.. Now I'm making a skin for myself and I want to share it with the community.

    The skin is a work in progress and this is just a preview.
    I have no release date for it, unfortunatly I'll only be able to work on it as I have time.

    When the basics of it are finished I'll release the skin with the PSD files.

    Feel free to leave suggestions, comments and requests.
    I'll try my best to complete any color, logo or background requests everybody is interested in.

    Hope you all enjoy it. - Fridey

    Update: 04/22/07

    Main: 98%
    ExitMenu: 100%
    Audio Player: 100%
    Audio Browser: 100%
    Audio Playlist: 60%
    CDRip: 0%
    EQ: 0%
    GPS: 50%
    Weather: 0%
    Traffic: 0%
    DVD: 0%
    Video: 0%
    WEB: 0%
    Car Maintenance: 0%
    Settings: 0%
    Tools: 0%
    FM Radio: 0%
    Sat Radio: 0%
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    Lookin' good!


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      yea that looks good.. different from other skins.. dont be afraid to use some color! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Thanks for taking a look everybody.

        color wont be a problem
        I have a white ford focus with all black and white interior though lol..
        I'm trying to make it match my car as close as I can with the colors.
        When you press the buttons they glow blue.

        When I'm ready to release it to the public I plan on releasing atleast 2 or 3 different colors of the skin and will probably take color requests and slowly put out a couple at a time.

        Right now I'm working on adding some flash to this skin so objects like the menu button will do something fancy when you press it..

        As far as the contrast visibility goes. I'm gonna test it out on a touchscreen monitor tonight. I also plan on releasing daytime and nighttime skins..
        I'll keep you all up to date. Thanks again - Fridey


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          Regarding colors, you may want to take a look at what John's doing with the DigitalFX skin. He also tried to do multiple colors and found it nearly impossible to keep up with. Everytime he made a change to his skin he had to incorporate the change into every different color. Now he's working on a method whereby users can pick whatever color they want by simply changing the color of the background.


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            nice skin. Different but i likes it alot


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              Try with Colors.

              I'll try and come up with something creative as far as changing the colors easily.
              I belive it's going to be very complicated with this skin. My skin has lots of transparent layers (seethrew), lots of background layers and two or more tones of color.

              I'm setting up the PSD files so that it should only take me a matter of an hour to change all the colors in every PSD file.

              Also keep in mind I am going to release the PSD files when I'm done with them so that anybody with a little bit of photoshop skills should be able to easily change the colors to their preference.

              The other thing that is going to make it complicated is the addition of flash menus and other flash applications.

              Belive me though. Soon as I'm done with the skin I will be more than happy to sit down and do some skin color requests. I'll be interested to see what people come up with.


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                Can Anybody Help?

                Hey Guys. I have a good start on one of the flash movies for this skin.. It's an interactive menu.. I just figured out how to import some lables for the artist information. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to embed ALBUMART into the flash file though..

                You can download the work that I have done so far if you're interested in a peak or need it to help me.

                I've searched around the forum for two days now and just cant find the answer. I'll definitly appretiate any help that can be given. Thanks ahead of time! - Fridey

                Download Here


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                  i like it!


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                    I like it to


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                      Just posting an update. I'll post new pictures for everybody once I get a couple more areas done for the skin.
                      By this weekend I will have a couple new colors tested out also.


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                        New pictures are posted. Getting a little bit more done..
                        Skin will be released after, Music, Web, DVD, Video, GPS and Settings are finished. PSD files will be released. And project will continue.