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help with vis syntax?

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  • help with vis syntax?

    I have searched for two hours to find the proper syntax for the attachanalyser -classic specturn analyzer vis, and I am beat.

    I know that the proper syntax exist in one the visu threads but still cant find it. I know it works ,and i lost it it with a reload of RR.

    Please help point me at it. Used wininspector and just cant get the syntax right..

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    are you asking how to embed it? the visualization is a part of AVS so just select avs in rrconfig. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      sorry but no.

      I am asking if anyone can help me find the exact wording and syntax to put into the rr config to select the attachanaliser.

      I had it working and there was a post that I found about a year ago that had the exact syntax to type.


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        I am not sure exactly what you mean.... but if you are trying to attach an AVS visualization, then select the AVS radio button in RRConfig, and use this as the window title:!Winamp Gen!AVS
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          got it.

          it was easier than I thought.I was making too complicated.