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  • Bimmer's skin.

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on a new skin for my system.
    Here you will see a preview, It is made by default for a 800x480 resolution.
    I have a small issue when I am going from a page to another: there is a kind of bluring movement and I don't know how to remove it.
    The "DOWN" menu is like the mute buton, in red/orange.
    Don't hesitate to critise, it will help me. I am looking for a new RADIO icone, for example.
    See you for the first beta release.
    The trigger to the "exit menu is on the central logo as the cancel in the exit menu.

    Main menu.

    Exit menu.


    audio player

    audio browser

    video player

    video browser

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    looks sweet, but 794x480? not sure what resolution youre runnin... and keep workin on it and try to finish it. im guilty of startin stuff and not finish it so i encourage you to keep goin

    radio icon:

    i used that and added some other effects with photoshop. look for my thread if you want more info


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      Looks like a start, just a couple of things.

      1. Don't limit it as a BMW skin. The only thing that says it's BMW is the logo, and logos can be changed, allow for that and you will get a lot more users.

      2. If you are using logos on buttons then they should be easily recogniseable and therefore having a description just above shouldn't be necessary.

      3. Make sure you test it in the car. What looks good on the desktop does not always work well in the car.



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        Thanks for your answers.

        The radio icon is perfect
        The pictures shown are just a preview but the final will be in 800x480 (Native resolution of the Dynamix).But I will release it in 800x600 also.
        Why the BMW logo? Because it will match with my Mercedes :-)
        The problem is that the logo will be "part" of the skin and buttons, like the EXIT menu.
        But I am sure that someone will be able to adapt it.
        About testing in the car you're 100% right. In my first try, the buttons were definitively to small.
        No clue for the movement effect between screens ?


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          First release: there only the main menu, the exit menu and the audio player menu.
          But my provider doesn't allow me to host a zip file.
          Where can I put temporary the archive ?
          I am still looking for a double command script to launch the audio player and the Winamp visu.


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            pre-release is comming


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              OK, just had a play.

              Looks nice, but I have a couple of observaions

              1. There seems to be no indication of volume level (unless I am missing something)

              2. When hovering the mouse over the buttons there is no change, like there is when you hover over an indicator. (it's nice to see which button you are over as sometimes the mouse can not bee seen too easily. Also some people use keys to navigate, or steering wheel controls, so they need to see which button has focus.)

              3. On the exit menu you need a simple exit button. ie ones that just stops RR.

              4. Make a skin browser your next priority, as it will make it easily to develop if you can switch skins within your skin.



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                Thanks for your first impression.

                1 the volume level is comming, I know :-)
                2 I am not sure to implement on different "ON" template, when you want to click on play, you click on the button play, no?
                3 I am nut sure about the Exit, What I want to do with a car PC:
                Use Road runner for video, audio, internet, GPS, ect... I don't want to do anything else out of Road runner.
                4 Skin browser: not sure also, I am not planning to change my skin every song !
                If one day I want change, I will use the RRconfig.


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                  2. Well you've done it with the indicators. Just change the buttons slight in the 'on' image, maybe have red light you have with the down image, but make it darker.

                  3. Well a.) it will help with your development and testing and b.) There are times when you need to come out of RR to restart and an exit command is very useful. Trust me.

                  4. The skin browser is not to change after every song, but other people may not want to have to come out of RR (using the non existent exit command), run rrconfig to change the skin and then restart RR.

                  The above are merely suggestions from my experience and will help make your skin more appealing and easier to use for other users.

                  If however this is just for your personal use and you don't want others to use it, then why post it?

                  Hmm starting to wonder if some of this is getting lost in translation.


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                    Don't worry, I fully understood.
                    Then it was my mistake to post it.
                    I thought that other people would have the same kind of basic needs with their skin.
                    And if someone needs of extra, it is easy to modify it.


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                      Basic needs are fine, and I'm sure there are many thatwant a simple basic skin. However what I mentioned are some of the minimum requirements really, ie the EXIT fromt the exit menu, being able to change skins easily.

                      Especially if you want people to test what you have done.

                      Let me explain.

                      I installed you skin on my PC at work, switched to it and tested it.
                      The functions that you have included worked fine, aside from my observation about the button over bit I would say that side is ready to go.

                      Now to my problem, and why I say the above are minimu requirements.

                      How do I go back to using one of my own skins or test someone else's?

                      There was no way within your skin to change to another skin
                      I couldn't just EXIT RoadRunner and run RRConfig.

                      The options open to me were:

                      Reboot/Shutdown whole PC, not something I want to do just to switch skins.
                      Minimize and . . . . well that doesn't help because If I run RRConfig or even edit the Resume.ini file I still need to exit RR to get a skin change.
                      Hibernate . .. eh, no that doesn't help at all.

                      Oh yeah the old favourite 3 fingered salute CTRL-ALT-DEL -->Task Manager --> End Progarm (RoadRunner). and then edit the resume.ini file.

                      Not user friendly.


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                        Starting to look nice! Kinda reminds me a little bit of Liquid Smoke's old LSX skin:

                        As for the "Blur" when changing screens, Check to see if you have transitions turned on. On a faster system, transitions are really fast, and can just look exactly like that.... a blur.
                        Front End of Choice: Ride Runner (Is there anything else??? ) & Powered by the DFX5.1 Skin Available in the Mobile App Mart

                        My Fiero Build Thread


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                          I know that it is limited.
                          First it is a pre-version and second the final aim is to have it running with road runner only, IF I could remove windows from the project, I will do it.
                          "minimum requirements" ? yours maybe, not mine.
                          That why there is no Exit. Exit to what: windows, in my car ?
                          The point is that it is a skin to use as an multimedia interface for the car, not a software running in front of windows that I will launch sometimes.
                          If I want to use windows, I use my desktop.
                          I am sure your getting the point of what I am doing.
                          If someone want to use it fine, if not take another one.
                          There are others skins with a lot of functionalities.
                          I wanted one with the less command and the necessary functionalities as a car front end: no more.


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                            Originally posted by JohnWPB View Post
                            Starting to look nice! Kinda reminds me a little bit of Liquid Smoke's old LSX skin:

                            As for the "Blur" when changing screens, Check to see if you have transitions turned on. On a faster system, transitions are really fast, and can just look exactly like that.... a blur.
                            Yes that true there is a slight similitude. To be honest I was inspired by the Simplistic skin.
                            But I wanted something with a bigger "play list" and center "surface".
                            Like the Iphone for example: buttons situated up and down of the skin and a big center place for play list, video, information, etc...


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                              Small update of pictures in post 1 :-)