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SE2.3.14159 - A Few Needed Additions

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  • SE2.3.14159 - A Few Needed Additions


    I've added a few much need things like Volume Control for those that don't have head units, iLists, and a bunch of cosmetic upgrades. I also included a 100% skin-based tic-tac-toe game, but didn't put a button for it anywhere because I decided it was dumb. Anyway, the new link and a few updates are included below.

    Skin Download - 02/28/2008 - (9.1 MB):
    Click image for larger version

Name:	MainMenu.jpg
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Size:	78.6 KB
ID:	2301901
    New Main Menu: The speaker button on bottom left sets all volume lines to preset levels that work well in my system. Others may have to modify it. The speaker button in top left opens the volume control menu.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Background Browser.jpg
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Size:	87.5 KB
ID:	2301902
    Background Browser

    Click image for larger version

Name:	AudioPlayer.jpg
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Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	2301903
    Newly improved and cleaned up audio player

    Click image for larger version

Name:	AudioPlayer_Vol.jpg
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Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	2301904
    Showing the Volume control. This single box allows you to choose which line you want to modify volume for. Just click the button and make your changes.

    So there you have it. Enjoy!
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    very clean look.i like it,can be a nice night skin. keep it up.
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      Very nice, I'm going to have to look into transparency for my next skin.
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        dude, since freedom 2.1 is gone due to the david and cdr "little fight", this is the best skin i've seen

        Hope you release it soon (including the .PSDs so we can add some features like video or configs )

        keep up the good work and count on me for beta test

        Tigra Clube Brasil


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          I think it looks pretty good, but back ground pictures just make it a little to busy and hard to read the text. Maybe with a little less transparent buttons and everything would be good.
          I used transparency in my skin as well and found that using about 50-70 percent worked pretty well. As for using the menu command to display screens 90% was good.
          Keep it going, looks promising
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            It looks good dude, il also beta test...
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              Looking really good! I can tell you the transparencies are fast, my version 3.0 GDI transparent skin is similar. I really like the vista feel to it. Im running a via M10000 so I also stay away from flash but the effects you get with transparencies and fastmode=-1 are awesome and FAST. Faster than the standard jpeg skins for sure. Any word on a release date? Would like to see some more transparent code to compare with the few releases out there right now

              I also used 50% for off state and 70% for on state.
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                any updates?

                u show the candy to the kids then say they canīt have it?! :P

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                  Sorry about the delay. I've been on a house boat at lake powell for the past week. I do appreciate the comments though. I will finish the skin. I've already implemented video, though I haven't added a button for it in the main menu, right now its just a hidden button on the right side of the screen. I've also completed the video/audio browser skin as well. It might still take some time though, I'll be in D.C. and Ireland for conferences for the next few weeks, and then school starts back up. No worries, progress will be made, just slowly.

                  Also, I played around quite a bit with the transparency levels to get them to where I liked them. When I reduced the image size to include the attachments it blurred the text quite a bit. I think thats what is making the text harder to read, more so than the transparencies anyway.
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                    Beta 1

                    Ok. Sorry about the delay again. Here is the first beta. (First post) I added video, tweaked the audio player screen, and added a screen to change the background. Blk02si, I actually 'borrowed' a line from your skin for that, as your method was simpler than mine. I hope your OK with that. If not, let me know and I'll change the variable name or something. Other than that there's really nothing special to my code that you don't already have.

                    Here are a few updated screenshots...
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                      Beta 1 - Screens

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	MainMenu2.jpg
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Size:	33.6 KB
ID:	2265505
                      Notes: The speaker button on the left sets master, wave, and winamp volumes to hard coded (in the skin) values. These are the values that work well for my system, and I usually only change the volume with my head unit. The only reason i put the button in, is because the volume randomly goes mute when I reboot the system or exit RR. (I blame iGuidance) This allows me to fix that without exiting RR.

                      The window-ish button on the right loads the screen to change backgrounds.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	AudioPlayer2.jpg
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Size:	37.3 KB
ID:	2265506
                      Notes: Audio Player... nothing too fancy

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	MediaBrowser2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	32.9 KB
ID:	2265507
                      Notes: Media browser. This is a screenshot of the audio browser. The background, audio browser, and video browser screens all look identical as I feel this makes the whole thing feel much more coherent.

                      I did most of the graphics work in a program called Paint.NET because its very similar to photoshop, but free. I plan on releasing the PSDs, but the PSD folder itself is more the 60MB and I'm trying to decide weather they're done enough to release, and if I want to host them on my own server (thats where the skin is right now) since I can't guarantee the availability.

                      Oh yeah... the OSK is from one of MGD's skins because I don't really use it enough to make one from scratch. Other than that... have at it.

                      And.. thanks Blk02si and MGD for your contributions!
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                        Not a problem at all Tensai, we all borrow code around here all the time, thats why we have the best skins and frontend anywhere

                        Glad to hear you got more finished, it looks really, really good so far! Looking forward to testing this out when I get home from work.
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                            Nice, very nice!

                            Would you mind posting the fonts.

                            The "C" line has to be commented-out for IG to work.

                            Works like a charm so far.

                            Thanks for sharing.
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                              IG Works just fine on both of my systems with the clip region in there. As long as you got it to work though.

                              I upated the .zip file in the first post. It now includes the fonts you need.
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