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Post the skin you use and why.

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  • Post the skin you use and why.

    Just post a single screenshot to keep it simple. This is the one I use, it's the Steel Blues skin by MGD. A little outdated but it does everything I want and it looks great. What do you use and why?

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    [SELFLESS PLUG] I use the DigitalFX skin [/SELFLESS PLUG]

    I wrote it, as I wanted a fully transparent skin that you could use any color, background image, picture or whatever to change the entire look of the skin whenever I wanted to. Also wanted some kewl transparent looking Visuals to go along with it

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      I use my rEČ skin... now the color i use just depends on what kinda mood i'm in lol. I use it because .. well i built it to suit my plugins/programs/need. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I'm not a skinner but I'm going to plug Simplistique. I like that it is not cluttered with all sorts of info i don't need, the contrast of the colors used makes it one of the easiest skins to see in sunlight without a transreflective screen, and the buttons are nice a big and easy to use and understand even by my fiance. Plus the graphics make it super clean looking IMO.

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          I use my epidermis, since it's been attached to my body for 39 years...

          Ooooooh! You meant Roadrunner skins!
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          How about the Wiki?

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            Working on my new one. HEMI TRANS. Like to have change the font colors also, it's lot of coding, but....I will get there.
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              Why? It feels most at home in my audi. I wanted an OEM feel for my build and this was the best way to achieve that IMO.


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                Shock V3
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                  i use a skin that i am trying to make, but i also use digitalfx 2 a lot.
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                    my polaris skin, it has all the features that i want and need. along with iPhone, if i want to skow off.
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                    RRec ==> [Audio Capture]

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                      DigitalFX pretty much constantly. Not perfect but certainly the most intuitive and feature rich. Sometimes I'll try FU but always end up back with DigitalFX with Burlwood.


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                        my own custom. I wanted a central mph reading, with time and compass as well. I tailored the menu options to the functions I have working, or will eventually have working. The green color was chosen to match my interior oem lighting scheme.

                        EDIT: lol, I had to add the audio_player .. couldn't resist.


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                          My own skin, uses GDI+ to change the skin buttons and declares glabal variables through includes.txt to change text label colors on the fly

                          pretty handy when I'm moving the rig to the wife's car for a trip, and want to match her dash colors, logo, etc.

                          I can easily change the button colors and logo, also the night skin has a blue chrom screen color rather than this beige chrome (which matches my interior but is less interesting

                          Audio browser has a song information pop up (for 10 secs) that also has vol controls...I use optical out through an Alpine PXA-H701 controller so I do my volume and other control through that. (a big reason why I started my own skin was I didn't want to give up real estate to volume controls thyat I don't use)

                          Audio browesr also has a pop up skip to letter along the bottom and access to my mp3 plater, CD drive, USB drive


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                            I use the iphone skin, because it looks and works great