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Basic Subaru "OEM" skin

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  • Basic Subaru "OEM" skin

    Hey guys,

    The goal of my carputer project has been to make it look as OEM as possible from the computer itself to the wiring to the front end, etc...

    Based a little bit on the "Simplistique" skin, I made a simple navigation and music only skin (with the provisions for adding a second menu page for things like phone control...) and came up with this. I wanted it to look like it could have come with the car from the factory, so it lacks any sort of abnoxious graphics, internet, DVD, etc...

    It's a work in progress, likely will be for sometime now but here it is. Let me know what you think:

    Main menu screen - control volume, access navi and music features, jump to the second menu screen. Pressing the Subaru logo exits RR.

    Navi screen - simple, iGuidance gets the majority of the screen with simple audio controls. Pressing the Subaru logo returns you to the main menu.

    Audio player - fairly self explanatory

    Audio browser

    That's about it for now.

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    Nice and clean. The only thing I would suggest is placing the Subaru logo in the same place in every screen since it functions as the "back" button.
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      I like it, really clean, nice layout, looks easy to use as your rally down a dirt road!
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        Thanks for the comments so far! One of these days I will actually get it in the car.. I only started working on the carputer 2.5 years ago

        Slight update:


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          nice, clean and stocky as you want

          good job
          like the last BG too. the blue just gave it a better look

          won't you have video and phone features on your carputer? guess it's a must
          all the rest i really don't matter, but phone, video, audio & nav are mandatory

          Tigra Clube Brasil


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            I honestly don't see the point of video on the carputer. If I am going to be anywhere where I want to watch a movie, I'll just whip out my laptop. My phone isn't bluetooth and I use it so infrequently it's not worth going that route either.


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              ^^^ Music videos perhaps..
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                video is a good way to shut the kids (or a talking mad wife) off during long trips
                and phone support is most for confort and security if you use it in the car

                a custom skin is always good, but some extra work to support the most used features from the other users can make it VERY helpfull to all the comunity

                BTW, guess a pool for the most used RR features would be fine

                Tigra Clube Brasil


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                  mu fault

                  doble L, not doble O :P

                  Tigra Clube Brasil


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                    Looks great, Can't wait to see it finished.
                    It would be great if you can make is as configurable as possible that way ppl can change the logo to whatever else they want, or add in buttons for other functions.

                    Keep up the good work!


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                      it's great,
                      can we download it?

                      thanks in advance.