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transparent tutorial?

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  • transparent tutorial?

    sorry if this has been covered, but has anyone, or can someone write a tutorial on how to make a transparent skins, mainly how to switch backgrounds? i just started trying to make a transparent skin, and got the buttons to be trans., but couldn't figure out how to be able to change the background pic. i tried reading the how to skin rr tutorial, but that didn't help

    thanks for any help

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    There are two examples... both are very similar, but the first shows how the background works with the Empty/On/Off/Down layers on buttons, you should have a background=<imagefile> in RR.INI for it to work -- RR AUTOMATICALLY loads this background image for you when in GDI+ mode.

    The second example shows that you can set the background image on skin.ini if desired (open it and change the path accordingly). Notice how Indicators work in transparent screens with the indicator on the far bottom/right.

    If you use this method, all you'd have to do to switch backgrounds is "SAVETOINI;BACKGROUND;<path+file>" and reload skin. It's probably not the only way of doing it.
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      guino, you are a god! thank you so much, transparent skins make the best frontend out even better. now i need to go and try and actually make one work for myself



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        sweet, i got the background changing to work , now for the rest of the skin.