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  • skineditor for digital fx skin

    Sorry for the noob question. I am currently using centrafuse because i couldn't find a RR skin that i liked with my car interior when I started the carpc project. I've been checking out the new RR skins and fxdigital looks amazing and has about convinced me to switch to RR. Now I get to figure out how to skin in RR to customize the programs for my needs. I've made lots of progress in the last couple of days but I am unable to use the rrskineditor with these skin files. The skineditor program works fine with other skins so I am wondering if there might be a specific version that works with the digital fx skin.

    Any help is appreciated!!

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    what issue are you having?

    the main thing to note is that dfx uses transparant pics, so all you see in the skin editor are the words, and the tops of buttons.


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      I knew it was a noob question..... I did not notice the list in the screen menu and the zoom level was set too high and cutting off most of the screen. I'll be good to go tonight.


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        If this is what you see....

        You will need this...
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          You will need the latest skin editor to work with the DigitalFX skin, or any other transparent skins out there now. The old editor did not work with transparent PNG files.

          Even with PNG support, it is a bit difficult to read the labels and such on the buttons, as the skin editor has a light gray background.

          You can get the latest version of the skin editor HERE.
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