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Yawn - another KITT skin

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  • Yawn - another KITT skin

    I've got a period car (not a trans-am, but something suitably 80s) and couldnt find a Knight Rider skin in any level of completion or style.

    This is the result of half an hour overlaying Juha's KITT dash drawings onto the the Symplistique skin main menu (my current skin.)

    The layout is the same as Symplistique (which is the best-arranged IMHO), and just requires some patience to modify all the pages - I also need to find the Futura and Microgramma fonts to write all the buttons properly.

    The main question, though, is whether this is worth it. Is anyone else interested in this skin if I put the work in?

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    genius i cant belive i never though of just going simple with the kitt idea
    maybe there is even a winamp visu to use as kitts voice that can go to the beat siick IMO
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      Updated main pic, because I've found the font I need (Eurostile, VERY similar to the blocky Microgamma for the buttons.) Looking at it closer, it's also the same font (or close) to those used on my dash gauges (all Audis 1980-1993) which gives me slightly more incentive to push this forward a bit.

      That idea of using the KITT voice gauge is a bit challenging though, as well as being rather processor intensive for my little 800Mhz Duron - I might just make a pulsing Flash anim for now, unless someone else wants to make that plug-in


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        Nice one, keep it going, we want retro stuff


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          Have you done anymore work on this?? Or any update on how your getting on



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            At the moment I'm still playing around with the images. Then I'll map it out, and then all the awkward stuff like making a workable clock and eventually that centre image will be figured out. But this is a weekend chore - Im VERY busy right now just getting my pc running


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              As promised, some weekend progress:

              It looks EXTREMELY clumsy, and this is after a tidy-up. I think I can see now why the idea hasn't been pursued that much by others; it creates an extremely cluttered screen on a little 7".

              Suggestions, comments and practical assistance are more than welcome


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                Multicolour buttons are arrgh.

                The Different colour first letter to rest of word is double arrrgh.

                Those different size numbers, pick any from above

                Try and keep to the same style of buttons as in the first pic. And not have so many.

                Have the playlist in place of the red bars, use the full heioght and width of them.


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                  I've just updated that pic to rebalance the playlist to the centre (previous controls all on left side.)

                  The more I look at it, the more outrageous and vivid those colours are - I'm not sure whether they're a disgusting clash or a charming retro vibrancy yet (I'm sick to death of this insipid milky iPod/iPhone/iCar stuff.)

                  The main reason for all those colours is that that's whats used in KITT itself - I think for my own personal version I'll tone it down a bit, like you suggested.


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                    i like it...
                    please work on it


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                      Love it, but not too sure how it would look in a 4x4.... Sod it, I like it even more after looking at the top of thread again....Keep working on it.


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                        Yawn another dead kitt skin attempt
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                          It's not dead, but my PC project is on standby as I'm not running a front-end at the moment (hard-drive is so slow that it takes too long to load LSXVoid.)

                          I still have all the original files, and if someone requests some particular screens (such as the Audio Manager, or Video playback or whatever) then I will build them, but I have no motivation of my own to finish this skin.

                          So, let me know what screens you want and I will get them done ASAP - say "all of them!" and I won't do any.


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                            How about posting what you have and maybe someone else will pick up where you left off.
                            New Age Garmin - Skin for RR
                            New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
                            "It's called CODE because I don't want you to know"


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