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    Hi Gang,

    I'm working on my first CarPC for my Subaru Impreza WRX, I've decided to use RoadRunner because it is open source and seems to fit my needs the best. However, I wasn't happy with most of the skins out there because

    a) I am only implementing a few features and I don't want a bunch of buttons that I'm not going to use

    and b) I want a simple interface and no offense to anyone that made or likes the other Subaru Skins out there but they just don't fit my style

    So for these reasons I began writing my own skin. It isn't finished yet, but I feel I am approaching a final design and I wanted to get some suggestions from people who have CarPCs already, and know what works and doesn't work. Also from those that are experienced in skinning. Here are some screenshots along with descriptions of what's going on

    top left power button: brings up the power button menu (last screen in the list)

    Left of the Subaru symbol:
    skull looking music guy: brings up the audio player (second screen)
    circle looking globe thing: brings up the gps screen(fourth screen)

    Right of the Subaru Symbol:
    phone: brings up phoco support (not implemented yet, I just don't have phoco!)
    hammer and chisel: brings up the setup menu (also not implemented yet, still contemplating everything I want to put in

    Volume controls are in the lower left hand corner mute, volume down, and volume up respectively. And next to those is the volume indicator

    audio player:
    arrow next to power button: goes to previous screen

    Left column:
    stop button
    previous track/rewind
    shuffle/repeat toggle
    lightning bolt: visualization (if I can get some sort of ipod integration I might replace this button)

    Right column:
    next track/fast forward
    magnifying glass: brings up osk to search the playlist
    music note: brings up the audio bowser

    To the Right of the Playlist:
    top: page up
    top middle: move selection up one song
    bottom middle: move selection down one song
    bottom: page down

    Buttom Right:
    cross: remove selected song
    cross in folder: remove entire playlist
    floppy disk: brings up the osk to save the playlist
    open folder: load a playlist

    Directly under the playlist there is a bar indicating song position (it is clickable, and I think I am going to replace the solid colored indicator with a glow type thing, like is seen around the magnifying glass)

    I pressed the magnifying glass to show what a button looks like when it is pressed. It gets a light blue alien glow around it.

    Audio Browser:
    On the left:
    Plus: Add currently selected song
    Empty Folder: Replace current playlist with the current directory
    Folder with plus: Add current directory to playlist
    Magnifying glass: osk to search
    skull music guy: go back to audio player

    Hopefully this one is pretty obvious all the buttons are labeled, except I forgot to label the two in the bottom left corner (move cursor left and move cursor right)

    It should also be noted that the input text area at the top of the screen looks ugly, I am going to have to redesign the jpg I use for the skin so that it is just solid color up there

    magnifying glasses:
    plus: zoom in
    minus: zoom out
    plus or minus 'a': text size
    flag: find near
    globe circle thing: gps pane
    satellite: not designated yet
    compass rose(bottom left): not designated yet, probably driving directions
    moon/sun type thing: if in night skin will change the map to night skin, if in day skin will change the map to terrain
    squiggly arrow: brings up osk to enter and address and inserts it into the plan trip menu
    (right now this works kind of funny, you type into the osk, then you have to press this button again and hit enter from the osk again, then your address is input. I'll have to debug some more. I'm thinking of either having multiple buttons, one for osk, then one for input trip. Or maybe having an intermediate menu.)
    arrows in circle: reroute

    Power menu:
    Left of Subaru Symbol:
    power symbol: shut down
    power synmbol with a 'z' in it: stand by (my board doesn't have hibernate so I didn't make a button)
    power button with arrows: restart

    Right of Subaru Symbol:
    cross: exit RoadRunner
    moon/sun: toggles day night skins
    question mark: About

    And the night skin will have the same layout, just use different colors to make it a bit darker and match my dashboard. This is a night skin from one of the earlier versions of my skin just to give an idea of the color scheme

    Feedback is welcome and encouraged! If there is demand for it I'm not opposed to making a more generic version of this skin for others to use. Including things like video, dvd, whatever.

    For more info on how I went about making the screens for this skin you can visit my project worklog at

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    Interesting non-text layout.
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