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  • looking for a skin

    I'm mostly done the hardware side of my rig, and i'll be throwing it in the car for a test run sometime soon.

    It occurs to me, that i need a front end. Something simple.
    Someone pointed me to RR, but every skin i've found has one thing in common: it lacks nothing.

    The ideal frontend for me would do two things:
    music, and gps.

    The computer exists for gps. thats its goal in life. Music is simply so that i can have gps directions and music at the same time, without two different devices competing. If it can lower the music volume for gps directions, even better.

    These are all i want. I have no interest in video- i drive my car, not live in it. sat radio? pah. Why would i bother, i've got a computer full of music.

    At a very extreme i'd add radio- i have a usb shark radio thing, but i wasnt planning to use it for this. The computers audio will be routed through a headunit till i get my next car, so i'll still have a functional radio should i ever require it- but its doubtful.

    Do any simple skins exist?

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    Sure they do, have you browsed through one of the skin sites?

    I run from the computer to a Pioneer Premier headunit, and otherwise have simple and specific needs.

    So, I made one myself that has music, GPS, a manual day/night switch, a calculator (for checking gas mileage) and a video screen, but I've never actually used the video (except in a test run). I even run the audio player as my main menu screen to cut down on complexity. A limitation of my skin because of how I want to run my system - I have my music set up so each album is in a folder by itself (not grouped by artist or genre) and I only ever play single albums, or else I shuffle through all the songs. So I don't have a lot of playlist manipulation buttons.

    I've never bothered to post it up anywhere since I thought the users would be such a small set of folks.


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      Welll........share it, E-Cig Mods
      "A great smoking alternative"


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        Originally posted by muldrick
        Wellll.............share it
        I would be happy to - I even have all the PSD files, but I have no idea how/where to do that.


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          Originally posted by lbridges View Post
          I would be happy to - I even have all the PSD files, but I have no idea how/where to do that.
          i recommend, very good site. just my 2 cents



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            Is there any convention in what size the images should be saved in?

            And BTW, thanks for the site recommendations. I'll look into them.

            edit: OK, so mediafire looked easy.

            created a new thread (very simple skin) with the location of the files, etc