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  • Very simple skin

    In another thread I said I had made a simple skin for use with an aftermarket head unit, and a forum member asked me to post it up. It's probably a bit different approach than most seem to take here, but it suits my specific needs. Only tiniest bit of flash. I have a calculator and moon phase display on the night version's 2nd menu screen. I admit to plagiarizing both flash elements from forum members here, and I apologize for not giving them specific credit. I forget who I took them from as I never expected to go public with this skin and I would be happy to correct this shameful oversight if someone recognizes the author(s). No phone, web, radio, etc. Anyway, I created some files on mediafire to host them.

    Here are some pertinent items about my skin:
    1. I use a Pioneer Premier head unit, so I don't have volume controls on the skin.
    2. I either play one specific album or I do a random shuffle of all the songs on the machine. As a result, I have all my music on the carputer organized with each album as a folder under "My Music". Inside the folder are simply the mp3 files and an album art image.
    3. My main screen, "menu_off.png" also serves as my audio player screen.
    4. The 2nd menu screen has stuff I seldom use, i.e., video, skin browser, calculator, exit to windows, minimize RR, and a repeat of a couple of the music control buttons.
    5. There is a skin element titled, "multi_use" that only works when the calculator is called up. I created this skin name when I still used a notepad, web browser, etc in an earlier skin - just stuck with the name even though I no longer use them as skin elements.
    6. I use iGuidance v4
    7. Even though the video screen says External_DVD, I use the MPC files that came with RR. I don't have a video browser screen since I never really use video in my car - next skin iteration the video element is likely to disappear.
    8. I create the PSDs in 800X480 format since that's what my Xenarc displays. My skin's *.png files are in 1024X768 since my computer won't support 800X480, and I seem to remember a post (by JohnWPB?) saying iGuidance likes to work in 1024X768 - really have not tried anything else - unfortunately it makes the png file size bigger than I would like. Of course, feel free to resize to meet you needs - IrfanView is a freeware graphics program that easily does that even in batch mode.

    OK more than enough background - on to file links (day and night versions, plus PSDs for the day version), then two screen captures to give a flavor (without the bother of a download), one of the day version of the main screen and one of it in night mode.
    edit: please see post #5 below for some updates.



    older 800X480 version
    1024X768 version matching current Day skin

    The day time version of "menu_off"

    The night time version of "menu_off"

    I hope the above is enough to understand the skin, I would be happy to explain anything else, or do minor tweaking for someone wanting something along these lines.

    edit: Also thought I'd mention the PSD files are probably sloppy as I'm self taught and lack discipline, and the PSDs don't exactly match the png files as I more or less constantly tweak the display - but they're close enough for anyone using photoshop to do whatever they would want.

    Changed the day version to make all screens consistent, i.e., the background of the audio browser is now black and the buttons are set up to be white with the blue edges.
    Another edit - changed the night skin to be consistent with the day - basically the same skin with colors toned down - the day skin has high contrast as I drive a convertible and could not afford a transflective monitor - which in turn makes it too bright at night.

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    Not too bad of a concept. Would like to see more.
    New Age Garmin - Skin for RR
    New Age Slider - RR SKin In Progress
    "It's called CODE because I don't want you to know"


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      There's no more to see Thunder..stick it!

      This is really good for somebody wanting a bare-bone skin..
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      Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core ATOM
      Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
      BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
      M2-ATX Power Supply
      RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
      Windows XP SP3


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        As I said in the 1st post, I do tweak this when I find something dumb I did - like making a different background for the main menu and the audio browser. Here's what it looks like now if you were to download:

        And a shot of what the 2nd menu offers:

        And a skin browser with about the least number of elements I could think of (my skin that is, not DigitalFX):

        BTW, I do solicit suggestions/ideas/criticism. TIA, Lee

        Edit: I think it might have to do with system setup, but two things worth mentioning for the "Play All" button to work on the audio browser. First, make sure the box on general settings, page 1, hide '..' of the RR Config program is not checked, and the "Play All" button command might have to be changed to the following "BACK||GOTOFIRST||SELECT"


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          I made a 12 hour round trip recently and as a result, made a few minor changes to the skin, mostly fixing things I thought made it easier to use, plus I cleaned up some graphics. Not sure how many find this skin useful, but I put it up just in case.

          Day skin

          Night Skin

          And updated PSD files (Day version - the night version is simply a black overlay, w/50% transparency, of the day version)

          An image of the main menu, just to give a flavor of the change


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            It looks like several people have downloaded the files I posted, so I thought I'd post up a slightly more complicated skin I also made. I'm doing this for the newbies (a group to which I still belong) to see how to step it up (in skinning complexity).

            The skin is specific to those who own a MR-2 Spyder, but using the Photoshop files one could change it to whatever. Anyway the point is these files keep the same simple pattern of use as before for audio organization, etc, but add a distinction between DVD and video, actually has a small exit menu vice just dumping you out, etc., all so people could see how it can link together. The opening menu pic (and the pic that the "More" button leads to is below and I will add links to the daytime skin file as well as the Photoshop source (Note: the graphics are still in 1024X768, so the photoshop files are ~35MBytes).

            link to Roadrunner 'skin' files:


            And link to the Photoshop graphic source. For anyone looking at these, please keep in mind I'm photoshop self taught, and I'm an old dog, so...
            One more thing...I did do up a night screen to tone down the white spaces, but I've not bothered to post it up, but would if anybody has an interest (it's the same as the day, just toned down to not be blinding at night).

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