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Change background without using xternal scripts

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  • Change background without using xternal scripts

    Ok, this is something that has bugged me for a while, and one of the reasons iDrive transparent hasn't been released yet.

    I wanted a way of changing the background without

    1. using an external script or program


    2. using the picviewer skin/screen.

    And also allowing for seperate picture and backgrounds locations.

    I have now got it working. I think.

    Note: Assumes you have a backgrounds folder in the root of RoadRunner, which is where I recommend everyone has it rather than a backrounds folder in each skin.

    in exectbl.ini have the following

    in your


    Ok, I'll try to explain what happens

    The onskinstart line is done such that if the variable strt is zero it goes to the AUDIO screen (this is of course optional and up to you, change or delete as necessary) whereas if it is 1 it goes to the background skin, this is so that once you have changed the background, the skin needs to be reloaded and if so you want to come back to the background screen.

    The main button line is the one that sets the background variable in your skin.ini and also sets the strt variable to 1.

    Now the TIMER sets a timer up in the background screen to set the bground variable to the currently selected file in the list.
    The result of this is that every second (TMR,1) this variable is updated and list variable is used in the Indicator line to display that image.

    This will not work on the last December RR release as thei is a bug in the indicator function, but should work in the previuos release (november) and the new one when Guino releases it.

    If this is any good to you great, if not then sorry to have wasted your time with my inane babbling.

    As a side note I also added a similar button in my so that A picture from the pictures folder can be set as background.

    <post subjected to editing once I have reread it a number of times to see if it makes sense>

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    If you want to take it up a notch, I can show you how to update the the whole with the background image and skin on-the-fly so you get a fullscreen preview.

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      Shock V 6.x uses very similar code, and instead of picviewer.

      Might want to take a gander.
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        Originally posted by Sal R. View Post
        If you want to take it up a notch, I can show you how to update the the whole with the background image and skin on-the-fly so you get a fullscreen preview.

        Hmm don't tell me, I'll go and have a play.


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          Is this still the only way to change background image on the fly?
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            Currently, you can do this or use the picviewer to browse backgrounds -- and the skin must be reloaded.
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              Can I just use this for one skin.

              I have tried many times to set up a back ground skin and it never works.
              I only want this to work for my audio player.

              1: do I have to use .png for all the skins, or will I get a type mismatch error?
              2: or can I just have the backgound on the audioplayer and have it only with png files.