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Explantion needed about Skin commands

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  • Explantion needed about Skin commands

    Hope that someone can explame me how I can use skin commands from other skin inside my own.

    I plan to add some buttons to my radio skin. Therefore I opend different skins within skineditor, and find out that there are a lot of different commands that are not in my skin

    How can I make shure that when I open my inside skineditor , all this commands are also showed??
    Some of the commands that I want ot add are: TA, switcht between AM/FM.

    Looked already on the topic HOW TO SKIN but could not find an answer for this question.
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    Generally commands that work in one skin would work fine in another skin. However, some skins use of outside files/scripts to perform certain functions, in those cases you'd also have to copy those files/scripts. In the skin editor, it's possible to list all available skin commands from the "..." button in the properties window of the button. You can always type the commands directly or copy them from skin commands.txt (which has a full list) -- those were probably typed in or selected when first creating most skins anyway.
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      also read skin commands.txt from the RR binary. Long read but has pretty much everything in there
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