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  • Just curious to know...

    In your opinion, which color of a skin gives you the best combination of visibility and looks during daytime? And nighttime assuming if it's a different color?

    If it's green, please be little more specific, lime green, light green, dark green, olive green, etc... ^^ u got the idea... if u can give me the hex code, even better

    It may sound little silly but I kinda need this information... Thanks..

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    Black background and a light green (almost teal) foreground works well for me. I also used dark blue BG / white FG for a while. Was good all times of the day.

    All with the DFX skin and RR
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      I have had good luck with black backgrounds and white text. This works well in the daylight due to it's high contrast, and at night the black is dim, and only the white text is bright, but I also use a standard blue (hex code 0000FF) for text color at night.
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        ive found black, or very dark shades of something, and a darkish orange work well for night.

        orange (#C04901) is less attention seeking to your eye, but still very readable at night.
        personally i find green and white to bright for night use