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  • Immortails [WorkLog]

    This is the first skin I have made for RoadRunner.

    So far I am getting close to having the main menu done, as well as the visualization screen.

    I am making this mostly for myself, so there will be things that are not included in it...such as a web browser/phone/ect.

    Here are a couple of screen shots of the pages I have been working on.

    More will surely come tomorrow.

    The logo lights up if you touch it (not sure what it will actually DO). The Menu Items light up and reach out to the right when you touch them.

    This one is pretty self explanatory.



    Ok, Finally finished this skin (sort of)

    I have everything finished except for the "Radio" and "Apps" page.

    Why? Because I currently do not have radio..nor do I need to launch any apps yet.

    Here are some screens:

    Here is the download link:

    Here are the PSD files:
    *Be warned..I work fast and crazy in photoshop. I make the files with intention that nobody else will suffer trying to figure out the layers.

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    nice and clean. I like it
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      unless you have transflective there's no way you'll be able to use that skin in the car. Unless you only drive at night of course. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I have a brighter version.

        The color of the skin can be changed easily, and I will probably include loads of different themes.

        I'm more focused right now on making it clean and simple to navigate..and keeping it looking nice.


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          it's clean looking for sure.. Very neat.... Middle section looks neat but too plain...
          If you ask me, it's too much 2d.... Throw something in there for fun..
          By the way, great looking vis, what is that?


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            i like...i 'new' guys are making it hard for me to choose a skin.

            are you planning on using flash at all with this? just curious.

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              Originally posted by ArcaneDreams View Post
              I have a brighter version.

              The color of the skin can be changed easily, and I will probably include loads of different themes.

              I'm more focused right now on making it clean and simple to navigate..and keeping it looking nice.
              Looking good, i'd even make the icons and logos white to contrast better with the gradient on the buttons.
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                Yeah I will probably do some flash. Right now I want to learn how everything works without flash though.

                Then I will add some eye candy with flash.

                Knowing me when I get into flash I will have to re-do everything though so it will be Immortalis V2.0


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                  Originally posted by brandensin View Post
                  By the way, great looking vis, what is that?
                  I would also like to know what visualization that is, and a link to download would be killer. I don't have the patience to go onto winamp's site and search through thousands of crappy vis's to find one I like. looks clean, I agree though a white or silver icon would be allot more readable, especially if people use the switching gamma for night. i can barely tell what the icon's are on my 19" lcd. other than that looks good.

                  EDIT* I missed your last SS, those buttons/icons look good!


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                    It was under the AVS presets when I downloaded winamp.

                    It was under the Winamp 5 Picks
                    It is called: Tuggummi Club Seizure (Color Enhanced Mix)


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                      Got some new screens. I am going to finish the dark version (night) before I go and change all the colors to the day version you see above.

                      If anyone wants to test out the visibility in their car it would be great. (The audio and video directories are hard coded to the structure on my PC. Not likely to show up on yours.)

                      Right now only the audio/video/visualization screens work fully.

                      Download link:


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                        I think it is a good start, but it is looking a little dark to me. I assume this is the night skin since you have a lighter one, but at the same time the darker screen doesn't have the "life" as does the light screen. I would like to suggest changing the gradient on the buttons so that the light is on the top, and angle it. The way it is currently is "unnatural" to the human eye, because most things are lit from on top, not from the bottom. I would also suggest either getting rid of the dark, black outlines on the buttons, or substituting it with thinner, white outlines. That should help brighten up the skin much more, and make the buttons "pop". I like the grey background though, and how it's subtley different. I also like the layout and positioning of the screens. Good start!


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                          Yes, this is an awsome start, I would also try to brighten it up a little though. ANother cool thought would be to make it have a transparent background. This skin looks like a good candidate for that.
                          <-----Really want to see this one finished...
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                            Thanks for the input. I will experiment with all that in mind.

                            I'm not sure how much I will get done on this skin in the next couple of days. I am supposed to get my PC delivered today.

                            Well..all of it except the touch screen. I have to wait a while for that.

                            So I will probably be installing windows and apps on it all day tomorrow.


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                              Nice start alright ... some of the elements on this skin are very good. I particulalrly like the 3D effect of the browse/list windows and the buttons on these screens. The layout and idea is good - very clean and simple.

                              Personally I think keep it as it is .. do not go transparent - sorry Thunderstick !
                              The effects that are achievable with non-trans skins are much more OEM and cleaner ... but that's just my opinion.
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