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New 2 Skinning and starting from scratch.

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  • New 2 Skinning and starting from scratch.

    I am new to this forum and new to skinning as well. I have read through the different tutorials and seem to have a basic understanding of what is needed. I have also tried searching through the forums but none of my keywords seem to do me any good. So my first problem/question i need to tackle is how to setup up the basic foundation.

    What i have done (please correct me if it is wrong) so far. Picked out an image i wish to use as the background for my main screen. I have resized it to the correct resolution. I then made 3 copies. On, Off and down. In RRskineditor3.019 i clicked on create skin. It asked me for a save location and wanted me to pick a file. So i selected the basic jpeg background. it then prompted me for 4 additional jpeg locations (Empty, off, on and down). I selected the 3 duplicate pics of the main one that are named off on and down (i used off in the empty spot).

    So my first question is, do i have all of the pictures laid out correctly and assigned correctly or should i be selecting something totally different for any of those choices. Thanks in advance for any help and i am sure i will progress to more questions as i move along.

    also, if there is a better tutorial that really walks a dumby through starting a skin from scratch point me in the direction and i will gladly go and read first.

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    If you design your skin for a touch screen then you need only 2 images as there is no mouseover event. You need only the OFF and DOWN screen, even with the OFF and DOWN screen you have a mouseover effect as the button is highlighted with the mouse over it. This layout would be
    RoadRunner Skin
    RRScreen F-CNS "MENU"
    Menu_off.png,Menu_off.png,Menu_down.png,Menu_down. png

    Now you would have the mouseover event and the touch event on the screen.
    Most all new skins are made now for transparency, so the user can select his/her owen background, therefore the images must be PNG format.


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      'on' is used to show indicators such as random or shuffle being active.
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        i would suggest ripping

        BMV2 apart, copy the folder and rename it "YOURSKIN"
        then just change the images . open the skin folder in skineditor and play with the buttons.
        this way you are playing with a working skin.
        if you want MDG suggested you will have to change the skin call line in the skin files 3rd line down, most use on/off png's for this.

        after you havemastered that then you can move on to more advance stuff
        makes a good starting point.
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          Originally posted by frangolfgt View Post
          'on' is used to show indicators such as random or shuffle being active.
          I don't use ON at all. I have 2 OFF's and 2 DOWN's and the indicators show up also. It doe'nt even matter what you call them.
          The first image is the empty, You can call it MENU_*&$^% and so on. The 3rd image is the ON, you can call it MENU_847464 and it will still show the indicator.
          You can even use a label as an indicator.
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