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    Hi All,

    Before anyone says, I have read the tutorial at the top of this thread but dont understand something.

    I have mapmonkey set as the GPS in the config as to the GPS embeded guide.
    It works fine with the BVM2 skin.
    But I also downloaded the iGoBMW skin and the GPS doesnt do anything.
    So I looked at the skin with the skin editor and both have the GPS button to have "GPS" comand assisated. Now I am lost.
    Also, when I open BVM2 I can see the background images but when I open IGoBMW I can not. what am I doing wrong?

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    I'm not trying to be rude, but it seems you have a lot of questions. I think what you really need to do is a lot of searching and reading. Every one of your questions have been asked before and answered. Please learn to use the searches to find the answers to your questions. As said before, Road Runner is not a program that you click Install and it just have to read read READ....the more you read and the more you mess with'll start to understand how it works...If everyone who has a simple question posted a new thread instead of searching, this forum would be a mess. It may even help if you put all of your questions in a thread maybe titled "The_big_1's Question Thread"

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      For the first question, look in the exectbl.ini file in the iGoBMW skin folder and document out the line "GPS","LOAD;gps.SKIN;iGO8;M:\Program Files\Road Runner\iGO_8_PC\Igo_pc.exe;iGO8||ACTIVATE;iGO8"

      make it look like this.
      /, "GPS","LOAD;gps.SKIN;iGO8;M:\Program Files\Road Runner\iGO_8_PC\Igo_pc.exe;iGO8||ACTIVATE;iGO8"

      Then mapmonkey should come up as GPS program.
      As for the background, copy the folder from the zip file called backgrounds to the Road Runner directory, the n you should see the background.


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        I tried both, now when I click GPS, nothing happens.
        I have coppied the backgrounds folder but still can not see the background image in the editor


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          OK, first, the backgrounds folder of the skin has nothing to do with the skin editor.
          Second, look in the exectbl.ini file from the BVM2 skin and copy the line got the GPS command to the BMW exectbl.ini if there is one. I downloded the BMW skin and tested it before I gave you an answer. Guess What....It works just fine.
          No go on and read...


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            I think its a vista issue, will format pc and start with XP as there is no Exectable.ini in my BVM2 folder, will try re-installing rr etc. Thanks for the help.