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Need help creating a Sirius Skin

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  • Need help creating a Sirius Skin

    I am trying to write a plugin that can talk to my car's built in Sirius radio. It is a Dodge Charger and I have a device that can communicate with the car's CAN bus. I have successfully written some software that controls both the digitally controlled amplifier, and the Sirius radio.

    The problem is that I now need to write a skin to control my software. I am basing the skin on the DFX 3.0 skin.. (JohnWB... this is an awesome skin!!!). I think RR is specially set up to use the 1 Sirius radio, and no others... I'm guessing that since I don't have that radio, the channel list doesn't populate. So I started to make my own Custom List. I filled it with my custom information. I want to display the channel art that is in SRArt directory. So I created an indicator that uses a FILE:$filename$ When the user clicks on the custom list, the variable $CANSIRIUSTEMP$ changes to the filename of the channel's image that is selected. This works..... just not all the time. For some channels, it always works... other channels don't work until i restart RR.

    Any ideas? I'm new to skinning, so I could be doing something completely wrong....
    Here's the code in the skin

    /, IL, LIST, SelImg, UnselImg, EndImg, LimitMode, Drag, MaxSpeed
    /, S, x, y, w, h, forecolor R;RGB, G, B, backcolor R;RGB, G, B, played color R;RGB, G, B, selected color R;RGB, G, B, select color R;RGB, G, B, trs, font size;FONT, font name
    SC01,216,164,511,341,#DFX1R#,#DFX1G#,#DFX1B#,#DFX1R#,#DFX1G#,#DFX1B#,255,#DFX1R#,#DFX1G#,#DFX1B#,255,5,TRUE,20,"Arial Narrow:B"
    "LOADSIRIUSLIST","CLCLEAR;ALL||CLLOAD;C:\Program Files\Road Runner\SRArt\Sirius Channels.txt||SETLIST;$CANSIRIUSCHANNEL$",
    Thanks in advance.......