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  • Search Problems?

    1. Okay I'm working on my new skin and for some reason when I search for a song the list just drops down to the next song and doesn't actually search at all. I'm using the ilist I'm not sure if that is having an affect on it or not. Here is my button code

    I looked at a few other skins and they all seem to have the same code so am I missing something here?

    2. I have a directory list and I want the items to open up a new program when opened. For example if there is a word document in the list and I click on it am I able to open it in word? Everytime I try to open something it places it into winamp.


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    Okay I figured out the first one I'm not sure how just a lot of tweaking I guess. I still can't figure out the second question anyone have any ideas?


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      Okay one more thing I need help with.

      3. I have this program embedded into my skin and when you go to file->new it opens a new window. Is it possible to open this new window using the built in "menu" option in road runner. So the main program will be underneath and the new window will be above it in the menu box?