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noob problems with digitalfx4.0

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  • noob problems with digitalfx4.0

    hi, first off im a noobie trying to get digitalfx to run in rr.
    it seems to install perfectly, but when i go into roadrunner and select the skin, first it doesnt show any preview and if i select it and restart rr, i get a message stating not a valid skin. in roadrunner-skins, i have digitalfx4 but there is no skin foler in this. is this why? and when i did get it to work it was just a pink background with a clock in the middle with hardly any buttons etc, just playlist. i have tried everything i feel could be the problem ie. flash upgrade, winamp, net framework2.0, road runner updates etc nothing works. can anyone shed any light on this as it looks an awesome program and skin.
    btw i can get other skins to work just not dfx. thanks in advance for any replies. regards. lewis

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    did u try to re-install RR and dfx?

    sounds like required dlls are missing, corrupted or not registered...

    by the way, make sure directory is "road runner", not "roadrunner".. two words when installing RR. if you screw that up, dfx won't be installed right.


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      yeah mate un-installed both and started fresh, then tried installing roadrunner as one word and same for dfx. just cant get to grips with it, and its anoying me because it looks asthough the customisation is endless and ive spent 3 years building a personalised car, and this would have been the icing on the cake. thanks for the fast reply mate. lewis.


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        so, two words didn't work then tried one word??? No no no... you do a fresh install with two words man... ALWAYS...


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          sorry mate i didnt make it clear, ive done countless fresh installs, both one word and two words. but still no luck. regards. lewis


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            You installed the latest flash right? (IIRC I had to download mine in IE.) And all your paths are correct in RR ini?
            You mentioned countless re-installs in "Road Runner". Try this Solution: Open the skin.ini in the FigitalFX folder. Look for the line that begins with Background=

            Background=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\Backgrounds\Gray_texture_dark.jpg
            and change to the path / directory structure of your system.
            NOTE: You can also go to settings, DFX Skin settings, Change wallpaper and choose one from the list. This will set the above line for you from within the skin.

            Taken from the FAQ at the top of The DFX thread.
            If you cant DODGE em, RAM em.


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              hi, thanks for all the help, but ive at last sussed it!!! i think where i was installing it then un-installing it, the registries were not being deleted so it was installing with the same settings. sorted now by un-installing starting from the ground up with a complete hdd format. just want to say thanks, and what a program!!! looking through all the program files has probably given me a better knowlege of the program anyway, so wasnt realy wasted time. regards. lewis.