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my htpc skin??

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  • my htpc skin??

    nope... it's basically mgd's astro modified to suit my needs.. I am planning on using rr as a frontend for htpc that i don't have yet.. Also, some, my creation but many inspired(copied) by other great skinners... well.. anyway, thank you all for sharing ur work.

    Tell me ur thought on what u think need to be improved or modified.. your opinions will be greatly appreciated.. This is 1920x1080 skin and definately not for car pc for sure... If you wanna use it for htpc, let me know, i can definately post it for ya..

    hd movies(pot player: by far the best player for handling 720 and 1080p ripped)
    coverflow interface..
    photo: google picasa
    my computer

    for htpc, this is about all you need..
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    Now see...

    This is what Microsoft meant their Media Center OS to look like. :P

    Very nice. Would be awesome for the new HP Touch PCs.

    I would like to try it on my media PC and DJ PC. Nothin like "Eye Candy" to make the girls go WOO WOO at a DJ gig.

    I would surely download it.


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      cool, scorppro, if you can test this one out for me, that will be great.. is ur pc hooked up to a big screen tv or projector maybe? I would really love to see how this thing look on a big screen at 1920x1080... I'll post it for you as soon as possible.. Definately within two three days..


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        100" screen...

        With InFocus LP540 projector.

        Now... If I can just find a 100" touch overlay... I would be in "Hog Heaven".



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          100" touch overlay why not use a remote control....

          Here it is, let me know how it works out for you... some screen shot or photo please? love to see how it looks on 100"
          By the way, everything is transparent now... i included some nice background for you..


          0. Should already have rr working with other skin..

          1. copy htpc folder to your skin folder

          1.5. copy the background folder to rr directory.
          1.6. copy the coverjuke folder to rr directory.
          1.7. install the fonts

          2, you should have rrgas, rrtraffic, movietimes, plug-in installed.

          3, download and install the following players
          - ggearth
          - kmplayer for HD
          i am using potplayer, but it's in korean interface. kmplayer is next best thing
          - minilyric
          - google picasa for photo management

          4. modify exectbl.ini: replace the line "loadpotplayer......" with this,

          "loadpotPlayer","load;;k-multimediaplayer;C:\Program Files\The KMPlayer\kmplayer.exe;k-multimediaplayer"

          5. if you plan to play games, let me know, I'll give u further instruction..

          6. Remember, this is 1920x1080 skin.. u must run ur htpc at this resolution.

          7. I think that's all... Enjoy...

          Please let me know of any bugs...
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            I'll try it tonight after I leave work.

            I'll get some great photos of it on the screen and also try to have someone stand next to the screen as a reference point.

            I used to have a laser pointer mouse... I'll try to find it and use it on the screen.

            Hmmm... maybe a youtube is in order. lol


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              screen shots updated in the 1st post..

              sounds great.. let me know if it doesn't work.. i'll try my best to make it work for you... i really do wanna see it.. i kinda burred the photo icon, cuz it has me and my gf picture on it.. small enuf but still you might prefer something else on it.... i can replace that with anything you want.. Don't forget to install the program i listed to take a full advantage of it... google picasa2 is one of the best free photo management tool..
              others like minilyric, if you have trouble getting it, pm me.. good luck...

              by the way, what dpi are u using for font display? if u are using custom size dpi, it'll mess up the display... at 1920, font display might be too small on a big screen.. i am thinking of increasing it for better view and adjust the skin display accordingly...


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                red block in main screen is a hidden button for changing background image..


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                  any updates guys?


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                    10 downloads... any comment? negative/postive?
                    Here's new screen shot anyway... becoming more and more like htpc skin... Love it..
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                      Sorry for the wait...

                      I want to upload a video to youtube for you... I want you to get the most out of your time on this awesome skin.

                      My weekend didn't work out like I planned and I didn't get to install it till tonight. I'll have you screen shots and video by tuesday afternoon.


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                        sounds great.. if things don't work, let me know.


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                          changed topleft bar... Looked a little off with font floating on top of 3d looking bar.. So, i changed it in hoping it would look more integrated.

                          which one looks better?
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                            Original matches lower buttons

                            I would give the end user an option to use either.


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                              Some quick photos

                              Excuse the quality.. JVC camcorder. Images don't do a projector screen justice. It looks so much better in person.

                              Main Screen 100"
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