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  • '09 Acura TL Skin

    So after years of reading and lurking, I have finally decided to begin building my own Carpc. What prompted this? Getting in newer vehicles and seeing how outdated my OEM navigation system is in my '03 TL and also the user interface of the new '09 TL's which is AWESOME!! Also, I've seen some great new apps with RR that i need in my life such as the bluetooth phone integration, gas locator/price, movie listings, weather, and all around cool factor. So, I wanted to post up some of my screens that i've created and begun to code with the skin editor to get some feedback and suggestions...

    Main Menu

    Other Menu

    Music Player

    Music Browser

    Music Visuals


    That's all for now, more to come. I appreciate any constructive criticism!
    '03 Acura TL Type S
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    Software Acquisition [100%]
    Testing [80%]
    Installation - ASAP!!

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    Nice job


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      All I can say is WOW!

      Very impressed so far, perhaps even the best looking skin to date. . .
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        looks good bro, are you gonna release it soon?? BETA?
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          Cool job, very nice


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              I got all excited and then saw that his post is over a year old.