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  • HD Radio Skin For BMV2

    I've always like the simple operation and clean looks of the BMV2 skin, but when I got my Visteon HDZ300 HD Radio Tuner I found that using the included radio_player skin that I couldn't access all the features that HD Radio offers. After searching around it seemed that no one had made one yet for the BMV2 set or they just didn't release it to the public, so I made my own.

    It basically has the same layout as the original radio_player skin, just moved a few buttons and labels around and added in the ones I needed for HD support. Displays RDS Info, HD Artist and Title Info, Indicates if there is and HD signal or not, indicates HD streams, allows switching from streams, keeps original tuning features, and preset features. I also added in an AM/FM toggle button (Thanks to some advice from Sal R.) that remembers the station you were tuned into before you switched bands.

    *Works with mitchjs's HD Radio cables and versions of RR that support his gadgets.

    I can't take much credit for this skin - 99% of the graphics are from the original BMV2 skin and most of the coding is from other HD Radio skins; the rest is from the help of other mp3car users. I just took it all to a common place.

    Well here it is:

    1. Copy the 3 graphic files and 1 skin file to your skin folder (ie. C:\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\BMV2)

    2. For AM/FM Toggle Support:
    A. In your skin folder add these two lines to the skin.ini file (if its not there then create the file):
    (You can replace those numbers with any valid frequency, but it doesn't matter what you set it at to start bc every time you press the AM/FM button it will over write these values with the new one.)
    B. In the Root folder (ie. C:\Program Files\Road Runner) open ExecTBL.ini and at the end add:
    /, HD Radio AM FM Support
    3. Open / Restart RR and click the Radio button. Enjoy!

    Any problems with the skin, questions, or recommended add-ons post a reply and let me know.
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    Dude .. this is awesome .. exactly what I am looking for.

    I use a modified version of BMV2 as well. Don't need all that Flash crap

    I will give it a load tonight.

    Thanks very much!
    Lexus SC300:
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