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    I am working on a skin looseley based on MGD's astro skin, which i am a great fan of,i particularly like the idea of gps and audio together with a button to go full screen to full blown gps,i am using D6 for the moment till i get everything working then i will try it with Garmin, anyway i have just about got it worked out how it all works, just have a simple question for the moment. On the audio player skin a button has this
    B12,8,359,193,68,"LOAD;||RU N;C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGLaunch.exe;iGLaunch","GPS Small"
    wich i assume is calling gps small skin and running the ap, what i dont understand is the small_gps_skin starts with this
    MEDIACAR F-CNS(800x600Stretched)"audio Skin
    Audio_Gps_off.jpg,Audio_Gps_off.jpg,Audio_GPS_Down .jpg,Audio_Gps_Down.jpg

    can someone explain why this is called Audio_ Gps.
    Thanks (i hope there is no problem " borrowing and altering someone elses code", i most certainly am learning how it is done and how much work is involved)I dont intend on my skin anywhere near as full as this, i just want music and gps.

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    This simply tells the skin which images to load. When you make screens, it is a good idea to call then the way the screen is called.


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      Thanks MGD have now got it sussed.(you do top class work)