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Customizable Tymito Skin - Beta Release [12/23/2008]

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  • Customizable Tymito Skin - Beta Release [12/23/2008]

    I couldn't find any skin that I liked, so I took notes on what I like from other skins and created my own.

    Here are some of the feature of the skin.
    1. The top header and bottom buttons are always the same on almost every page. This way, you will always know where the main buttons are and won't need to search for it.
    2. Quick shortcuts buttons (on the left) to your most favorite pages. Access it quick from almost any page.
    3. You can customize if needed. You can change the shortcut buttons or rearrange each link to your likings.
    4. Ability to add new pages if you have more programs.
    5. Customize font color and style match your background.
    6. Great as a template for beginners to start customizing or creating their own skin.
    7. Simple interface and not confusing to use.

    Please post any comments/suggestions.
    Click here to download

    To Do List:
    Add plugins.

    Updated on 12/23/2008: Tymito Skin Beta Released

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    Audio Player. This is also my default start page.

    Garmin Mobile PC Integration. You can still use Garmin and not have to switch to a different page to view the song title or to control music.

    Programs page 1. If you want to add more programs, you can easily add it. The number 7 and 8 represent the unused slots. Example of different color font.

    Here's a few flash games. If you prefer Black&White, you can use B&W icons.

    Settings Page. You can change the font colors and background.

    Watch videos or DVDs.


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      I like it!
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        I like it too, lots of colour

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          I like it too .

          Good work !!!


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            Needs a little more...consistency...on the button graphics.

            One set is gel-like.
            Another is glass-like.
            The last set is 3D-like.
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              Thank you for the feedback guys. I have updated my to do list.


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                Oh i see, the redundant icons are only on the main menu.

                Aren't "video" and "DVD" two different functions?

                Same icon for different functions throu-out.
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                  im with enforcer, too busy as well
                  they call me hack
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                    I like the TomTom icon for the Garmin GPS.

                    Too busy for me, solid background graphics would help quite a bit.
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                      Here's a suggestion (ignore it if you think it's daft), but why not make the buttons down the left the menu buttons, and allow it to scroll down through the list of them there, rather than duplicate then in the manin screen area.

                      That way all the menus are available on all the screens.


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                        I hate to be blunt with you, but I am just sooo good at it.
                        I dont like it.
                        (1) colorfull gaudy icons...
                        (2) Back ground images dont seem to jive here. You should create shaded areas for the icons and only display background images behind info or status screens. I just creates too much "eye candy" which gives me a "stomach ache"
                        The least candy the better...
                        Trust me I have created my share of train wreck skins (much worse than this) and thought I had someting pretty good. Anyway, just a little constructive criticism.
                        You are off to a good start, just pay attention to the functionality of the skin, organization of the stuff needed on the screen and what you truly can see as being useful.
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                          That's for all the feedback guys.
                          I created this skin with customization in mind. It is intended so that people can change the icons, change the placement of the icons, font colors, background, and add new add ons to their likings.

                          I updated the example pictures above.
                          I will write up a readme file and will release the beta version on Tuesday.


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                            Beta released.
                            See post #1 to download. Please post or PM me if you have any problems, comments, or suggestions.