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How to do Button and Indicator IN skin editor?

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  • How to do Button and Indicator IN skin editor?

    im trying to edit a few things in the next skin i want to be using and im not amazing with the skin editor but I can say I somewhat know what im doing. What im currently having a problem is is the Button/Indicator

    What i am trying to acomplish is when pressing a button an indicator that the button has been pressed will appear.

    Hope i am explaing everything properly. thanks!

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    Hard to tell what exactly your trying to do... If your talking about when you mouse over and/or click a button that the button graphics get changed, then you don't quite understand the way RR Skins work.

    For any mouse over changes to the button you have to make the button area on the "ON" layer of the screen look like what you want it to look like, as RR will use that layer to display when your mouse is over that button for that screen. Same goes for when you press the button expect that it take the area from the "DOWN" layer to display...

    Otherwise you asking something totally different... IDK?
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