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    Can a skin be modified to do a different function when you press and hold?

    i.e. like a normal radio where you hold the FFW and it fast forwards the same song, but if you don't, then it skips to the next song?

    It could reduce the number of buttons on a skin, if it's possible.

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    answer yes look at your button cmd now


    just add

    B,xx,xx,xx,xx,"AUDIO",@[email protected]

    just an example, between the @'s is the hold cmd, also used as buttons ,very handy these are.

    Label buttons as i call them .

    L,xx,xx,xx,xx,,,,,,"EXEC;AUDIO||=" this gives you a hidden button cmd being AUDIO or like this
    L,xx,xx,xx,xx,255,255,255,16,"ARIAL","EXEC;AUDIO|| =Audio" this button allows the cmd and label on the same line.

    the only thing to know is label buttons do not allow graphic effects, ie mouse roll over the buttons, it won't show the effect
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      No need for the EXEC Command anymore as the new RR has the ability to redraw labels over buttons so you cand see the down effect.

      * Improved Indicator Support so it will always redraw when over buttons or sliders.
      * Improved Scroll Labels so they can be placed/used over BUTTONS, INDICATORS and SLIDERS