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  • Exfusion 2

    This is a skin called Exfusion. The skin will be heavy on the flash side, will try to make it as light as possible on the cpu. Looking into gpu support so it will fit the ion nvidia platform.

    V-0.3 2010-01-6

    Main consept [-----]
    Icon design [-------]
    Menus [-------]
    Flash code [-------]
    Coke in fridge [-------]

    2010-01-30 Testing
    Will soon post a youtube demo of the main screen. And testing has shown that atom alone can do the job if there is no animated background (945 chipset).
    2010-01-6 Benchmarking
    Benchmarking on the Asus AT3N7A-I is going forward. The GPU helps out really nice and power consumtion is low, this will be the hardware recomended for this skin. There will be options to disable functions for non ion boards.

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      i am interested to see more, but it looks good
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        It is always a pleasure to see a new skin .

        I like well !


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          I really like the style of the first one... maybe just put more buttons on it ?
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            that first screen definitely has potential
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              Originally posted by guino View Post
              I really like the style of the first one... maybe just put more buttons on it ?
              Thank you for youre comment. The bottom part is not finished.


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                That looks quite impressive. Very simple design, but very classy look.

                looking forward to seeing more...
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                  The first screen is awesome, would like to see more.

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                    Just 3 big buttons would work but they should be "media", "navigation" and "settings" (or options) IMO.
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                      I like this,
                      incorporating my slider overlay plugin would really compliment this skin quite a bit.
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                        I like it. Im picky but this looks definitly worth watching.

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                          if you make it an iphone type swipe to go to next screen i could see this working quite well...


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                            Im working on it. But when try it on my screen i allways come up short for space i was thinking of making 2 modes for the skin.

                            1 mode is when time has passed since the last input. The skin will hide all controls and make album art biger.

                            2 Control mode. With double tap the skin will adapt and bring up the controls.
                            3 Main memu with swipe it will bring up the menu.

                            This will inprove the size of things.


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                              Looks nice, show me more.
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