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    I've been working on a skin, and one of the stylistic aspects of this skin is the slider appearance. However, as I am new to this, I'm having some difficulty going from vision to reality.

    What I am trying to accomplish is to have the "bar" behind the pointer have a different color depending on whether it is located to the left or the right of the pointer. See youtube videos for an example - the slider bar is bright red to the left of the pointer, and it is dull red to the right of the pointer.

    In creating the background images for the skin, I have incorporated the two different slider bar appearances (bright and dark) into the respective off and on/down skin images. I expected that, as the slider progressed, it would display anything to the left of the pointer as "on" or "down", but it appears that my assumption was incorrect.

    All of my searching has come up with nothing related, and I have not found an existing skin with this behavior to use as a template.

    Is this possible in RR? Am I chasing something that cannot be done? Has anyone seen this before?

    I can't imagine that this is somehow unprecedented...

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    There are three types of slider "styles" currently supported in RR:

    1-Blank: The slider shows just the pointer, nothing behind it (just the off layer of the screen itself)
    2-Single Image: The slider shows an image that is displayed UP TO the pointer position and the remainder shows whatever is on the off screen layer)
    3-Multi Image: The slider shows one of 21 images based on the position of the pointer.

    Based on your description, seems like you want to use "2", and have one type of color/drawing for the OFF layer of the screen (where the slider is) and have another color/drawing for the image that will be displayed up to the pointer position.

    This is explained in Skin commands.txt, but basically you'd have:

    IMAGE.PNG is the image used to fill the slider up to the pointer (Pointer.PNG) and anything else will be "empty" displaying whatever is on the OFF layer of the screen at the slider position.

    If this isn't what you're looking for, please provide images to explain what you intend to do.
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      Thanks Guino!

      #2 is precisely what I'm trying to accomplish. In fact, I plan to have pointer.png fully transparent, so all that happens is the bar "lights up" as the progress continues.

      I had heard of this skin commands.txt file, but hadn't been able to find it - thought I must be missing it. Somehow the "documentation" folder didn't stand out as a good place to look. I can't explain how that happened. Now that I've found it, I imagine the rest should fall into place pretty quickly.

      Thanks again!