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New skin file won't save?

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  • New skin file won't save?

    I'm using the skin editor to create a screen for an application for the elite skin. I took an existing screen and modified it to what I would like and saved it as a new screen. When I save, the screen will save to the skin editor program but I can't find the file on my computer so that I can load a button to go to the new screen. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

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    First of, when you use skin editor you have to open a skin, in your case elite. Next you select a screen to edit, when you make changes to that screen and save it, it will be saved in that skin folder, which is elite.


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      I assumed that it would be saved there, but It doesn't show up with all the other .skin files. Like I mentioned the new page shows up in the skin editor program, but the .skin file won't show up in the elite folder?