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eLite Lite Mixer For Foobar2000 w/ 18-Band EQ

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  • eLite Lite Mixer For Foobar2000 w/ 18-Band EQ

    I have just recently started using the eLite Lite 1.6.6 skin for RR and I love it. The graphics are clean, professional, and well laid out and it keeps a nice, simple and quick navigation through the skins pages. This skin has many common options in its dynamic menus for plugins and programs people use, but I was missing a few that I use on a regular basis so I've been making them as I need them.

    This file here attached is two skin pages for use with Foobar2000. It includes a mixer skin that reorganizes the sliders to eliminate the preamp slider, and also an equalizer skin that has all 18 band sliders.

    If any one has any problems just let me know. I also included the font file that is used in this skin because I did not have that font on my PC so in case others do not also here it is.
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