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Need help around the variable ALBUMART

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  • Need help around the variable ALBUMART

    In my last script for RR, i have a label, =$webradiopic$ :

    Here, $webradiopic$ = Lose Yourself - Eminem.jpg

    Into my skin file:
    /, I, x, y, w, h, Code;INDICATORCODES
    In my autoit script , i write that:
    $rr.execute("SETVAR;WEBRADIOPIC;"& $_LastUkTopChartsListArray[$_P] & '.jpg')
    who run well with this result:

    and that:
    $rr.execute("SETVAR;ALBUMART;"& $_LastUkTopChartsListArray[$_P] & '.jpg')
    who don't run

    I want see into the ALBUMART fence my pic who are defined into $webradiopic$.

    How can i write that in autoit

    I should like to set the ACTIVESOURCE variable with WebRadio in place from Audio or Radio
    setvar;ACTIVESOURCE;WebRadio don't run .

    All help is welcome !

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    albumart is not a var , and you can't change activesource ,

    use your own var for albumart and just change the var on source change ,

    ie ,,


    so on source change ie audio , setvar;MYART;ALBUMART or for your radio setvar;MYART;WebRadioPic

    messy but you can use onscreenchange to set the vars on correct source or use activesource for the most and a onscreenchange for webradio

    Activesource cmd is there for all the basic sources audio,radio all of them , video , etc you can not make your own with activesource, you can use activesource to fire cmds and show labels
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