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OSK on top of skin? help needed

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  • OSK on top of skin? help needed

    I've made a little OSK to use as a way of skipping through lists by starting letter, but I'm no skin maker really. It's all working great but I was hoping that it would sit over the top of the audio browser skin (or whatever other skin it is utilised for) but instead it sits over the background.jpg. I've scoured through the docs but can't find a an idea of how to load a skin on top of another, any help would be gratefully received.

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    You could load it as a menu.

    From RR documentation:

    "MENU" - Dynamic loadable menus: set the code of a button to: "MENU;MENUFILE.SKIN" will make it so clicking this button loads a specific non-standard menu (over current screen).
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      That works great, thanks.