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Camera issue in DFX5 skin!!!

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  • Camera issue in DFX5 skin!!!

    Originally posted by Uraijit View Post
    For those of us using RoadRunner, there's a great software-based solution. It's called RRCam, and it can overlay any information that RoadRunner can output to display in the skin.

    The current release (2.0) is only capible of operating one camera. But the next release is supposed to have multiple camera support. It operates USB cameras.

    I currently have it set to overlay GPS Time and Date, GPS Speed, Latitude and Longitude, and heading. Check out the screenshot.

    I have a camera hooked up to my PC. When I use this feature in RR using the DFX5 skin, I get an error saying "Line-1 ERROR The requested action with this object has failed ", but my camera does work, and I can see the image, and the picture is crystal clear. But if I close the error box, my camera turns off until I go back to the main menu and reselect camera(but the box reappears). Also, since I only have one camera attached to the PC, I only want Line 1 to display and display in full screen mode like in the above image by default, but the program always defaults to 4 camera views. How do I fix?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    UPDATE: Never mind...didn't know it was an "Active" bug that still is waiting to be fixed!!!
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