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Adding a RSS feed to a skin homepage

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  • Adding a RSS feed to a skin homepage

    Hey everybody. Glad to join this community! I have a question about skinning. I want to add a RSS feed to my homepage of my skin. Is it possible with the RRrss plugin?

    Can somebody give me guidance on how to?

    Honestly I couldn't even get a rss to output in carwings so I am kind of discouraged, but that has never stopped me before.

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    one step forward

    I took a step forward and got the RSS feeder working inside of a skin. I think I might have a chance yet!
    If anyone has the time can they point me in the right direction to adding a scrolling RSS reader. I am completely noob to skinning but thought I might as well dive right into it. My thoughts are this has to be done in Swish. I have experience with that.
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      okay okay

      I will stop asking pre-trial questions. I got a long way to go on this learning curve. I hope to have a great looking skin when I am done. Any input would be appreciated at this point. As far as this topic goes I did answer some of my own questions so far. What I want to do is the following:

      Use RRrss feed on the homepage and have it automaticlly register the .dll's which I think may be impossible if the user has UAC implemented.

      Scroll the RSS feed. I answered my own question here I think after looking at code. If I create a label and set to scroll I should be good. Again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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        If you put your .dll in the RideRunner\Plugins\RSSscroller (or whatever you want to name it) and register the .dll, RR will load and use any dll's that are in the plugins folder and below when it starts up.

        As for scrolling, as you said, a scrolling label is the easiest way to handle it.
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