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DFX 5.0.3 and Streets & Trips - On Screen Keyboard?

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  • DFX 5.0.3 and Streets & Trips - On Screen Keyboard?


    Gotta spread the love of the DFX 5.0.3's awesome.

    Looking for some help with the StreetsTrips skin. For people that are using DFX 5.0.3 with Streets and Trips, how are you entering addresses when building routes? I understand that S&T is not the most in-car friendly, nut in my searching, I could have sworn someone said that S&T had some sort of OSK. Can anyone confirm this?

    I have found in the StreetsTrips skin file that pushing the "MASTERMUTE" button mutes the music, but shows no indication. I see that it's a button, not an indicator as on the other screens.

    Down near the bottom, 7 lines above "END"


    I deleted that line and added:


    I've fixed it on my system, but if someone wants a bug report...there you go.

    I've actually changes to skin to my liking by including BottomButtons.txt and moving "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" up to the top row, deleting the "POI" and "Directions" buttons. I figure that if I'm going to that heavy into looking for something, I'll have to use a mouse. And personally, I don't use the "Directions" pane, I'd use "Driving Guidance" first. Also if I'm really navigating somewhere, I will most likely be on the S&T screen, and wanted a little more audio control. So by including the BottomButtons.txt, I keep the same audio controls as most of the other screens, including previous and next track.

    I'm looking at Click N Type as an OSK that someone suggested on here, but in an effort to keep the User created Custom keyboard small with the largest buttons possible, I wanted to split the numbers from the letters, so they are essentially on seperate screens. Really, to punch in an address all you need is the 26 letters, 0-9, "Space", a ",", a "-", "backspace", and "enter". I was hoping to put the numbers on a seperate screen, so I would need a button to toggle back on forth. They use a similar principle on one of the keyboards included in the package. They hide the F1-F12 keys until a toggle button is pressed, at which point they cover/replace the top two rows of the keyboard with the "F" keys. I have emailed them for some tech support, but there is a death in the family, and they will be out untill later in the month. It also seems that the keyboard is becoming "embedded" in RR, it is resizing itself to fill the entire area that S&T is. It's a good thing Click N Type Keyboards can be made transparent, but setting the level of transparancy needs a mouse, it has small menu buttons and sliders.

    I'm just looking to see what others are using. I'm going to keep a mouse hooked in to the system, as well as the touch screen. It would just be easier not to have to drag it out to punch in an address on the Windows OSK...(YUCK).



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    Well, today I got a response from the Click N Type folks:

    Sorry Jason, but as you probably guessed, that feature came quite a while before the designer. Since you can put any keys anywhere with the designer, it was not possible to incorporate the F keys swap-in/out feature.

    However, it is possible to run up to 9 different keyboards simultaneously, using the "/IX:" command-line feature in the shortcuts that you use to start the keyboard. Please refer to "Technical Information > Command-Line Switches" in our Help system. I hope this will help.

    Please write back if anything isn't clear,
    The Lake Software folks
    I guess I'll have to take a look at that, unless someone else has some other ideas-suggestions.