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Getting someone to do my dirty work.

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  • Getting someone to do my dirty work.

    If i make up all the art and screens for a RR skin can i get someone to code it and make all the buttons and stuff work? My skin is going to be super simple with all i really need is VLC media player, Music, GPS, and Pictures.

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    your best bet, to get it the way you want, is to take an existing skin, say the Carwings skin. Load it into the skin editor and see how it works. It's actually quite simple. You can drag and resize the buttons to wherever and however big you want them. Just do say the main menu to start in your image editor. Open the Carwings skin, and load your images for the main menu, and drag the buttons to where you want them. Simply highlight a button you don't want, and delete it. It will make a lot more sense when you load up the skin editor. It really is quite easy to use.
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      Oooh!!~~ alright, I thought it was more than that, alright ill try it =] the reason I want to do this Is almost every skin out looks etchy and windows 2000'Ish look. I want a sleek and elegant look like Windows 7 Aero. Also most skins here seem super "Bloated" For my needs. Im wanting to go for something super simple and clean.

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