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    After reading a bunch of threads on creating flash gauges I have a few questions that I hope people can answer. I have created and attached one gauge so far and I feel like if I can completely understand what all goes into creating one gauge the rest should be easy as pie. But I do have a few questions

    •I know that the gauge says boost on it but for understanding what is all going on I would like to be able to just have it read in cpu temp or cpu usage or just any input that I can use or simulate to understand how everything works until my fusion brain gets here.
    •With that being said if I want to take a input between 0-3.3v for the fusion brain how do I convert that to a number, do i do that when im creating the flash gauge in swish or when Im inputing it into RR?
    •Also is it better to create gauges in flash or swish?


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    You can get any info from RR into your flash file.
    Put that in your _root of the swf.
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      If I am writing that within swish max where do I even put that... Sorry I am just trying to learn how to do everything...


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