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Is this possible: Playlist & Direcctory browsing in same skin?

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  • Is this possible: Playlist & Direcctory browsing in same skin?

    Here's a first draft of a skin I'd like to create.

    I want to create a new skin that has an itunes like GUI, in other words to have a list of the playlist on the left and a list of the tracking on the right. Can I do this in RR?

    Another skin (using the same background) I like to create is one that allows me to queue tracks in a new playlist before I start driving. So I'd like a skin that has on the left a directory browser and the right a tracklist for the tracks I've added to the new playlist.

    My question is this: can you have the directory browser & playlist list in the same skin?

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    You can have directories on one side and on the other side you can have a playlist.
    When you select songs in the directory they are added to the playlist.

    Use the skin designer to define the two windows.

    I have done this and it works very good.
    The road is long but we are getting there.


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      I have found a playlist update bug in RR when using the "select/+" functions though -- it updates the playlist in audio player and not the playlist on the browser.. I'll work on it..
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        I've had a go at putting the Directory and playlist in the same skin, I have got them both displaying fine in audio_browser, but then I double click on a tune in the directory list, it then loads it into the playlist, but then returns to the menu, I assume its because it hasnt got a audio screen to goto.. how can I just make it stick on the browser screen ? I have tried just making a audio_player skin, but this doesnt show the dir listing


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