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Skin Questions: PGUP/PGDOWN & UP/DOWN

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  • Skin Questions: PGUP/PGDOWN & UP/DOWN

    PGUP/PGDOWN & UP/DOWN work for both directory browsing and playlist. I have BROWSE skin that has both dir & playlist selectors. I'd like to have seperate buttons for PGUP/PGDOWN & UP/DOWN on each, dir selection and playlist selection. Is there a way to do this without first having to click on either directory box or playlist box?

    I remember reading before about the potential to use mouse clicks in button macros, is this possible? If so I can simulate a click on the directory box or playlist box before using the UP/DOWN command.

    If this macro is not possible is there another way to work around this issue?

    On a related note, would it be possible to extend the BROWSE command so that we could do something like:

    This way we could have a few button on the Browse skin that allows you to have shortcuts to your favored folders.

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    Sounds like you're begging to have problems finding spaces to stick buttons onto..

    The browse feature you request can be simmillarly done by using a BROWSE.RRL file, with the biggest difference that this browse command would require editing of skin files used, as opposed to the BROWSE.RRL file working on ANY skin without making changes to them. I can very easily make (ADD) a command to select the playlist and folder list, then you could perform the buttons as you'd like to as in: "SELPL||UP" or "SELDL||UP" would have the effect of UP on the playlist and on the Directory List respectively..
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