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Brushed Aluminum???!!!

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  • Brushed Aluminum???!!!

    People, I have had enough of Brushed Metal. How about Brushed Aluminum for those of us who use RR during the day?


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    That would be very nice!!

    Are you working on it?
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      Like this?

      How is this for a start ?


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        I think it is a bit too cartoony for my taste, the buttons have too much "glare" (the white/silver contrast on the buttons itself), I think a more clean look would be nicer, but I like the volume/playing controls in the middle.

        Congrats... u r on to something!

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        Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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          I'm going off on a tangent here. Although we all LOVE it, I think there are far too many updates to RR. Skinners have a hard time keeping up.

          Maybe stagger the release dates of RR builds that have any sort of enhancement work. Bug updates should definitely be released as they are available. BUT, if you are adding any new functionality, that means that the skinner has to update the skin everytime there is some sort of new release.



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            i agree, i cant keep up
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              I disagree strongly...

              Bug updates and improvements to the frontend inclduing the addition of features are not a problem...

              I dont think skinners are "holding back".... The only frontend for whcih I see a BUNCH of skins is Media Engine... dont know why but the others (even frodo) dont seem to have that many... RR and Frodo are among the ones with the most....

              I dont think it should be a problem especially since skins are always backwards compatible...

              2005 Range Rover 4.4
              Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                The updates don't stop or even slow skin making. They just add more features to take advantage of. If there was a skin out there that had a button for every command avalible for RR it would be a very cluttered skin.
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                  first can we get a phoco screen with BM before peeps start messing with a new skin alltogether? THANKS!

                  Once BM is pretty dayum final it should not be hard to make our own stuff from there.........
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                    What you guys think of this i will be updating my Brush Metal Skin Update to include Brushed ALu as Day skin and Classic Brush Metal as night skin apart from the colour it will be identical in features including Mappoint etc same as my Brush Metal Update here

                    Im very busy with uni stuff currently but if allot of people request this i'll hurry up and release. I will just need some help with somewhere to host this as it's gonno be big download around 30mb as it will include both the Day (Brush Alu) and Night (Brush Metal) skins in one file.
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                      It is extremely easy to make brushed aluminum. load BM files in PS and invert them.


                      EDIT: Or better yet. Get Febs PS files here:


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                        if you think it's easy enough for people to create it themselves i wont bother creating this.


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                          Originally posted by vortex
                          if you think it's easy enough for people to create it themselves i wont bother creating this.
                          Easy for some...
                          Yes please Vortex that would be great. Just got to find out then how to auto change them from day to night

                          Any chance of a track preview button in the audio page ? Guino says it's supported but no one has bothered to do it.

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                            I understand both sides but I think that eventually the updates will slow as the bugs are eliminated and every feature is added. It will just be a matter of time
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                              I would also like to see both day and night versions released. Take your time and give us a nice present in near future (very near I hope)