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    Forgive me, David(veetid)

    Ok, I was a loyal Centrafuse user, but lack of updates and XM support drove me to the RR comunity. But, I really liked the Centrafuse, I decided to wed them; probably unholy.

    Main Menu: Ok, since this skin will have sidepannels to navigate menus, the traditional "menu" skin is kind of not necessary. SO, i decided, well, why not make it a "cruising menu" Some little Eye Candy to put up when you dont need to look at your GPS, and want to have something entertaining on screen.

    -Clock: This needs major work, but i think you get the idea i'm going for, a nice big clock like on a stock HU

    -Album Art: Done- love this

    -Visualization: Ok, this i cheated on, I just paint shoped that visualization window in can i set it up so that the menu skin by default shows the visualization window in that spot though?

    Music Menu: Pretty much what I wanted to do...copy the simple to use Centrafuse layout (and actually have a working RANDOM function) Aside from some graphical cleanup, this part I'm considering done. Press the "Manager" button and get this next screen

    Manager Menu: Trying to emulate Centrafuse again.

    Directory: This is the defauly viewing mode, browsing collection by directory with Album Art of course.

    Playlists: (Being clicke,d thats why its black): Ok, having trouble here, Currently, i have to settle for a browse.rrl file thing that lets me jump to my "playlist directory" that the "savelist" command creates.

    @ guino. I'd like this to launch a similar screen that just automatically browses to the specified playlist do i do that?

    Rest: Ok, trying to finish my masters, so it'll take me a while to finish this up....look for end of month(if i successfully defend by mid month) GPS mode i'm just going to shrink the sidebar by half, and give the rest of the space for the Iguidance window, and a button somewhere to launch the IGUIDANCE sendkey skin that is being developed.

    Colors: Great, black and white on our expensive indash monitors. I know, lame, but, going for daylight visibility, I'll make a night skin too with some more color maybe.

    Ok, if i don't get thrown off the forum, what do you guys think?

    P.S. dont have xmdriect on my desktop, so this looks even more boring, BUT, here's an example of the xm menu

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    K, figured out the Cruising Menu,

    basically had to create 2 Menu skins so it works like this

    RoadRunner starts, loads, which can call any sidebar menu just like normal.

    Then, all the sidebar menus have been modified to call instead of as they call the skin, i used the || to add the "VISU" command so "Menu;||VISU" is the command

    Then, menu2 loads, and the visualization is loaded into the predefined area. The Sidebar menu buttons on menu2 are set to first disable the visualization, then call whatever sub menu gets pushed ie. "VISU||Audio"


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      nice skin are you going to make this available for download I also have ford eddiebauer edition
      mp3car infill g4


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        sure i will, just gotta do this whole THESIS thing first but i'm using it as a release at night, so it mgiht be avialable in some capacity soon, i'm also trying to gussy it up a bit


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          For the VIS thing, just define the VIS area (like application) as the brushmetal does in the audio player. there's no way to start it automatically, and I'd highly disapprove that as it takes up lots of CPU.. so you should just add a button to start it when wanted. You can addspace for logo/background image or even some buttons in the empty space.

          I'm yet to create to functions to allow selecting a path to browse from a skin command .. this should also allow to create a new skin file and load a different path in it.

          The skin is looking nice.. I'd suggest making the scroll buttons a little taller, but that's just my 2 cents.. I'll keep you posted on this.. my carputer is all f#$ed up right now, so I've been working on it..
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            Guino: fixed the vis solution, see above.

            scroll buttons: in my experience these have thin bars have been ok, but i havent tested them on the touch screen yet.

            Little update during some downtime today, decided there was too much text on the skin, could be simplified with some icons instead.


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              if anyone wanted to help me with the Vol - Vol + Mute and Day/Night icons, that'd be great.


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                Beta Release

                Menu/Cruise Screen
                Music: Player/Manager
                GPS: External/Iguidance Only- I dont use anything else

                DVD- is this the same as the ??
                Skin Browser


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                  Yes, the DVD is (Currently) the same as the video player. I'm planning to add support for a DVD skin sometime soon (I hope).. also planning to work on skin controls for PowerDVD and WinDVD..
                  Ride Runner RR's Myspace

                  "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
                  "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."


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                    This look superb, I moved over to Road Runner from Media Engine yesterday and have found the buttons and text a little small on my drive in today... this looks like it'll be brilliant!
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                      Forgot about the Clock Font

                      LCD BOLD

                      Install that font and it'll be much better!